Back to Back Stanley Cup Finals Game 6

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins have a chance to win the Stanley Cup against the Nashville Predators (I know, weird right?) and repeat as champions of the NHL for the second straight year.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact I’m cheering my beloved Pens through their 4th Stanley Cup Finals since I moved to Pittsburgh and 6th of my lifetime.

Last year the Pens won Game 6 on the road in San Jose and with the same scenario repeating itself in Nashville I was thinking back to that night. The Pens hosted a viewing party which allowed Teaspoon and I to be at the arena and cheer along as Pittsburgh won the Cup but it wasn’t just that which made the night memorable. Here’s a video from last year I can chalk up to posts I wanted to make but never did and one of the best nights we’ve ever had.

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They’re all gonna laugh at you!

That would be Brooks Orpik showing America how you play defense. Just in case you missed it he did it 3 more times in a total span of 15 seconds. Tomorrow night is going to be a slugfest and I’ll be loving every minute of it from F balcony. Up first though is softball practice tomorrow for Yinz Team.  Should be a beautiful day for a drive to Churchill.

Well I had every intention of keeping the blog up to date over the extended holiday but as a sign from above, my machine died. It had ceased to be.  I spent 4 whole days on a very slow P2-366 I still had in my basement.  All is well now but man I got so much done not being online 🙂

Drew came in from Delaware for the holiday. We spent Monday at Nick & Tara’s for a cookout and watched the Pens game back at my place. Tuesday was supposed to be a golf day but I didn’t feel like being electrocuted in a lightning storm. Drew and I got in a great 2 hour workout at the gym and I was ready top tear something up. That “something” ended up being a Primantis Roast Beef. So yeah, it was a nice relaxing weekend.

Wanna feel old? For all of you who have known me for awhile, my brother’s oldest kid graduated high school last week.  Yeah, let that one settle in a bit.  When I moved here she was 8. Talk about a fast 10 years.

All ur banrz belng 2 us!

I’ve taken my fair share of shots at Danny Onorato for the blatantly idiotic drink tax that he rushed into service so it shocked me, no wait, it amazed me that certain city council members had a fit about proposed banners that were to be hung downtown on Fifth Avenue Place in support of the Pens. (*the Pens have since nixed this idea*).

Pittsburgh political powers started firing emails back and forth debating if this should be allowed because, out of fear that the Burgh will turn into NYC and the bright neon lights would create a soft glow of electric sex, is in a battle with Lamar over it’s desire to put a sign on the new Grant Street Transportation mecca.

In a matter of one business day our favorite political media whores were out defending or refusing the Pens signage… which wasn’t even ordered. With the city being caught in Stanley Cup Fever it was time to jump on the bandwagon and get on the news. Doug Shields, City Coucil King of the Rivers, came out with the best comment of forever. “Get a bedsheet and hang it off your front porch.” Classy Doug… real classy. And people wonder why we’re called Pennsyltucky.

Btw, if you haven’t heard, our mayor doesn’t know if he should pay to go to the Stanley Cup Finals in Detroit. Realizing that our mayor MUST be strapped for cash, beloved F1 resident and Ian Moran for President supporter, Jesse White, offered up one of his seats to the mayor as a sign of patriotism. Can Luke hang with our gang in F Balcony? Probably not but we would make him say “move forward” repeatedly so we can drink with pittgirl. On his tab of course.


Who said there’s no dancing in hockey?

From my seasonal perch in F balcony yesterday I was a part of history as the Pens destroyed (humiliated and any other word you can come up with for complete destruction) the Philadelphia Flyers 6-0 to win the series ending game of the Eastern Conference Finals and finishing with a 12-2 record thus far in the playoffs. 12 and freaking 2! It’s unheard of! those 2 losses came after going up 3 games on the Rangers and Flyers. That’s like in 3 Amigos where Ned and Lucky are parched and out of water meanwhile Dusty has a canteen filled, chugs it down and tosses what’s left aside.

I will give the Flyers fans credit, as much crying and whining they did about the refs/NHL/God/yo momma/Moses/Jesse Jackson/Hillary Clinton/all of Canada being against them, they took the defeat in great stride. Then again when you haven’t won a title since 1975 I guess you’re used to disappointment.

You can search the web all day for reviews of the game. Personally it was gratifying to see finally see this happen in person. I was still a highschool student in Erie when the last Cup finals run was here in the early 90’s so I had no idea what this would be like. 16 years later I’m finally going to see the Finals on home ice. Now I’m understanding what the hardcore yinzers went through before Super Bowl 40.  Pittsburgh is regaining it’s title as City of Champions.

What would I like to see? The Detroit/Dallas series go 7 games and multiple overtimes so the Pens could have a good week off before the finals. Since that is a longshot (though I’m pulling for you Dallas) if Dallas wins I’ll be at roughly 2 games. If Detroit wins I have a ticket for one game since the Red Wings would have home ice. A fast internet connection and credit card will be on standby. Regardless, I’ll be on the edge of my seat wherever I am and in 2 weeks the cup will return to Pittsburgh.