For the love of all that’s holy… stop with the Sopranos parodies

I may be in a small group of people that LOVED the ending to Sopranos. At first I was pissed because I was expecting more but since I recorded it I was able to go back and watch the final scene over and over. Sheer genius. To get it you have to think about what’s going on. That’s not what this post if for though. I’m asking the Pittsburgh Pirates, Hillary Clinton and everyone else to stop. It’s not even the fact that EVERYONE with a video camera seems to be doing their own parody, it’s the fact they all SUCK. Yeah it’s the bit thing to do and you feel a need to jump on the bandwagon but stop. You’re not funny.

In case you haven’t visited You Tube in awhile here is what I mean…
(i suck for not having the You Tube plugin installed, i know)

Hillary Clinton’s version

Pittsburgh Pirates version

Now I’m on a domain purchasing kick! BUY! BUY! BUY!

I was driving into work today when a couple more sites popped into mind that I may want to start. After buying this domain I started to get the itch again for more sites but one thing I have to keep in check is that I shouldn’t make a site for the sake of doing it and then let it be 1/2 assed. I need to go all in with it. Who knows, maybe this SCAN venture has new life. I need to sit down and figure out what projects I’m making for myself now. Already with work, school and pimpin the podcast I’m a pretty busy guy.

Maybe it will all come together while I’m sitting by the pool this weekend.

mmm pool.