Thank you 2010! pt 1

I never thought about it until a few people asked me if I was going to do a recap of 2010 as I did 2009. What the hell why not! Lord knows it was a batshit crazy year!  I’ll break this up into 2 parts so you don’t fall asleep.

January 2010
Still early into my new job and fighting the first of 2 major blizzards I saw RMU pull off one of the biggest upsets in college hockey for last year as they defeated #1 Miami. Even with the storm we had a bigger crowd than previous and I handled the pr/socialmedia for the event. Pho-down, Tweet-up was one of the great times in early 2010. I’m a Pho addict (I get cravings like crack addicts) and this night I went for the kingpin of dishes at my favorite Pho place where I finally had tripe and it was amazingly good. We also started the search for our first house knowing that the incompetence of our landlord was detrimental to our family.

Thanks to an article in the Post Gazette I made a $400 craft beer road trip to Boardman to the “#1 Beer Store in the World” Vintage Estate. A trip that would turn into a friendship with owner Phill, the most kickass man in Boardman 🙂 It is my beer heaven when I need to get away. Snowmageddon brought us Betty White’s Vagina and a certain little Teaspoon turned 1.

Holy publicity! First there was the write up in Pittsburgh Magazine and also an interview with the Wench. The highlight though came from an interview I got to do with craft beer icon Lew Bryson about the beer raids in Philly.

I ate the Burger King Bacon Cheese Whopper and KFC Double Down without dying, saw the last regular season game at Mellon Arena and had a run-in with some freak ass potential neighbor we called The Sarge.

SIDT turned 4, got approved for a house and we had a walk for Teaspoon. Since his bro is a preemie now also the 2011 walk  should be a big one.

Highlight of podcasting to date was VIP interview and hanging out backstage with Zane Lamprey. His people came to us 🙂 Finally became a homeowner when I closed on my first house. Teaspoon whizzed on the floor in a fitting display of how our landlord treated us. Started writing for as the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Examiner which couldn’t have came at a more hectic time of my life. I’m not happy with the amount of content that has been posted but that will change in 2011. There is a lot planned for it and I hope yinz check it out.

Tomorrow – July thru December

You found a WHAT?

I’ve heard stories about people buying older homes and finding things that were forgotten about and now I’m one of them. What you see above is a  German K98 Mauser bayonet from WW2 and was found in my basement in the back corner of the work bench that Captain Obvious left.

Saturday was spent working on the basement and going through all of the crap the previous owner left so to find something of value stunned me with the considerable amount of food, bulbs and just flat out junk. Then it hit me, he wouldn’t have tossed it because he just left it in there from when he moved in. I also found cans of paints, chemicals and a metal bucket of some powder all of which looked dated to the 1960’s.

The workbench is what looks like 2 small cabinets that had a tabletop nailed to the top. Behind it is this bad particle board thats hiding something, I just haven’t ripped it out yet and like most other things, the outlet in the wall isn’t live. I was running seriously low on space for misc tools which is why I decided to open the drawers anyway and I’m glad I did. Thoughts began to race in my head on this unique find. I wonder if it killed someone? Why would this even be here? Based on other items I’ve found in the basement maybe he was some extremist. I betcha it helped open the Ark of the Covenant and it has nazi blood on it!

I sent the picture to some friends I know with military backgrounds and a few collectors of WW2 merch to see what the value is. I guess its not incredibly rare but everyone said its a cool find and just hold onto it. I know from watching Pawn Stars that I shouldn’t clean it up before I get it appraised but if I decide to put it on a display I may do it. Ironically my good friend Phil said he actually owns the make of gun it belongs to!

A few other things I’ve found so far were a handmade tool carrier and handmade shovel that looks like its from the 1930’s/40’s. I’ve collected a few items from my dad’s farm which are from the same era so its fun to be able to add to the set.  There is still one corner left to clean out and I have a feeling this could be a whole weekend project.

H.I.P. 10 – moved

3 truck loads, 10 car loads, 170 miles and many gallons of gas later its all over.

I think I need to have an unpacking party

H.I.P. 9 – moving

This is much more overwhelming than it looks. There is still a back section filled with totes and in the pic the back left is filled with junk the seller left behind. Tools, building materials, lead based paint, Jimmy Hoffa, Pens 09/10 playoff defense and much much more considered lost that I cant throw out easily. I guess that was his way of saying thanks for us letting him and his family stay an extra week rent free.

Should be done unpacking by the time Teaspoon goes to Kindergarten.

H.I.P. 8 – Shower Doors

Lushie hates shower doors and apparently knew when we did the walk-through that they were coming off. Personally I could care less but really, you think I’m going to fight over it knowing a loss was coming? The doors came off with no problem but the tracks, yeah that was another story.

I posted on Twitter asking the easiest way to get this removed without ruining the tub. We had tried the day before with  the usual razor and flat screwdriver didn’t work. My M.I.L. was down this weekend an pulled out this paint stripping tool and said give it a shot. IT WORKED! It made enough of a dent that I was able to get most off once it was started. I need brush up on my caulking because that stuff wasn’t coming off without a fight. The downside was the funk water that was under the bottom track.

The end result is what you see above. Neighbors started whispering about piece of the bathroom being on the front porch. Apparently its a neighborhood that doesn’t see much turnover of residents so I’m sure everyone is curious.  Oh trust me, there are more changes to come! I’ll need somewhere to brew beer and bbq outside 🙂