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I’m gonna Voodoo-U

April 7th, 2013 No comments

I’ve had this CD in my possession since 1999 when I was a new kid in the Burgh working at a tech company. Over the years the owner of the CD and I joked about me giving it back and quite honestly I just forgot.

Many, MANY moves, getting married, kids and 14 years later I decided it was time to return the disk — Lords of Acid “Voodoo-U

Back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s the place I worked at had a glorious mp3 server along side a Quake server (ah the days when Napster was still legal). I loaded it up with all of the grunge music I could rip and the old guys (to me 30 was old) were cramming it with 70s rock and Jimmy Buffett.

Looking back I had no idea that my internship would not only shape my professional career but mold me into the person I am today. “Baptism by fire” was a common phrase thrown at me as IT guys were constantly testing to see if I could hack it in the corporate world. Not only could I take the pressure I also learned more than any university could ever teach me. The 3 month internship turned into an 11 year run before we finally shut down.

I shipped the CD back to my buddy Mike on Valentine’s Day after a discussion with his wife were she stressed “Whatever you’re sending, remember we have kids.” Whaaaaaaat? Meeeeeeeee? Oh I’m an innocent catholic boy.

When he opened the package he was greeted with an autographed full size photo you see above. Who wouldn’t want to see that beautiful face on the most romantic day of the year?


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I gave that basketball thing a try

January 20th, 2013 2 comments

Pictured above is the greatest basketball team ever to grace the three rivers, The Pittsburgh Pisces. That is how we were going to rule the court last Friday night. Instead it turned out to be a bunch of mid 30 -40 yr olds (mostly dads) gasping for air and wanting a nap.

The last time I played any organized basketball was in 1996 because I had intermurals at Pitt. A friend of mine playing swears I played when we worked together, and I probably did, but it would have been for 1 pick up game. Friday night was the start of a new weekly workout that I need to get ready for.

I was amazed that I made it the full hour with a couple breaks instead of dying after 5 minutes. My wife reminded me before I left and even the following day that I don’t like basketball but when you’re playing with friends it seems to have a certain appeal to it. I have been asked to join some games at work also so an upgrade from my chucks might be in order.

I woke up Saturday morning with minimal soreness in my body. Once I got into a rhythm, playing continuous wasn’t too bad. Thankfully 95% of the others are playing at the same pace as myself so that was a huge help.

Probably by the time we’re done I’ll be able to fly like Jordan. HA! as long as I score 1 basket a night I’m a happy man. A very old feeling and tired but happy man.


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Random thoughts from an overly tired utensil

January 25th, 2012 2 comments

I need to smile more. Jesus I didn’t realize it until I saw this pic and this was the best one out of the series on my webcam I just shot.

I wonder how long I can grow a beard until I wake up and find that someone shaved it off? At least let me make some designs first.

What’s with that funky eye thing from my glasses? I need to get new glasses or contact. Probably depend if I play softball this year what I’ll get.

Dropping pounds. Not from some great miracle diet unless you count sleeping in 2hr spurts a diet. Let my kids sleep over for a couple weeks and you can be as dashing as myself. If anything it making me cranky. Yes, cranky.

I bought a couple books today. I hate reading but something compelled me when I listened to the author speak. I never impulse buy. I did today. Books will be posted when they get here.

Did you ever notice the people that bitch most about how they hate the high school drama on social media sites are always the ones causing it? Even funnier is when they drag fantasy land into the real world and spend all of their time offline talking about what happened online. Watch out I might blog about it. Err wait. And people wonder why TV soap operas are dying *sheesh*

You thought all those D&D kids from grade school were freaks. They’re the ones building the apps right now you can’t stop using. Suckers!

I’ve paid attention more to the debates recently not because I want answers but because I want to see who’s going to get choke-slammed by Newt next. He probably won’t win the nomination because people are still too sensitive but man he’d be a bad ass. At the end of the day though my vote in November will go to Stephen Colbert.

If the biggest drama in your young life is if you should have kids now or later,  my advice is to wait until you’re 30. You’re obviously not ready to handle the mindscrew they lay on you so enjoy your 20’s. Just wait until there are 2 of them.

Want or need? The most annoying thing old people, especially my mom, say to me is “Do you NEED it or do you WANT it?” when it comes to making purchases. I have a feeling this has the legs for a good post subject. One that I NEED and WANT.

Late today I got the great news that this big project I’ve been stressing over got the green light to launch days earlier than expected. To celebrate I’m going to be the celebrity judge at a wine competition tomorrow night. Wrap your noodle around that one. Little know fact, I like wine… Franzia, thanks to Griff.

I have a couple more brew kits coming my way and I just need to pick out the yeast. Be afraid.

Looking forward to hanging with various groups of friends I haven’t seen in almost 6months. There will be bowling, mexican food and tequila involved. This can’t end well.


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Streamlining Life

January 18th, 2012 No comments

When I wrote the “2012: realistic” post I wasnt sure what was going to happen next. I knew what I wanted to start doing but getting there was a mystery. Someone I follow on twitter said she was “streamlining life” and cleaning up her followers. While it may sound crazy, social media has become a key part of the daily life of people.

Organizing the mess
Over the MLK day 3-day weekend, and thanks to finally having a full night of sleep, the organizing bug crawled up our butts and we got to work. Monday I heard a faint cry for help coming from the basement. I went downstairs to find someone had put them self into a corner from falling boxes.

The day was spent with a solid 7 hours in the basement cleaning out junk that moved with us and damn did it feel refreshing. Granted I still have the stuff that Capt. Obvious left here when we moved in but now we have a floor! The Christmas and holiday decorations are in one section, summer and spring have a shelf and an area was reserved for things we still need to go through (mostly photos and things we were too lazy to sort when moving). I’ll still need at least 1 more solid day of it but we are SO close to being done.

The boxes we did go through furnish pictures that I haven’t seen before or forgot that we had. Plenty of wedding items I forgot about and some childhood memories that I didn’t even realize came with me. There’s still a whole shelf of those boxes I haven’t gone through yet and not sure if I should. No one wants to see me in 6th grade :P  That picture above was when we first moved in almost 2 years ago. The pile has doubled since with a couple holidays and birthdays under our belts plus there are boxes from 2007 in there.

The garbage men hate us. When they came this week we had a mountain of boxes and junk waiting for them. While the next load wont be as bad, it will be heavy. I have some cement and wood that need to find a home.

To finish off our day we upgraded Teaspoon’s room. He’s had a single bed for over a year but now we put the headboard on and raised it up a little bit. I’ve also started hanging framed sports photos in his room which once were in my room. Feels kinda cool seeing him appreciating the same things you did.




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2011 – Did that really happen?

December 29th, 2011 No comments

One thing that I’m bad at is remembering the year. I kept thinking it was 2010 for some reason and have no idea why 2012 doesn’t seem far fetched. Maybe I have a thing against years with odd numbers? This past year was eventful personally but when it came to blogging it was kinda meh. Either way here’s a quick recap so my kids don’t have to sift through archives.

January 2011
Year started off great with the Winter Classic (even though Pens lost) and spending the first 2 weeks home with my new baby. I also decided that I would attempt to go a full year without drinking a Bud/Miller/Coors product. Not to be some elite prick but to see for myself how tough it would be. With the amount of picnics we attended and moments of weakness for going cheap I’m proud to say I’ve made it a full year and some days.

February 2011
Kept the busy pace with a quick trip to Baltimore to pick up the first of what would be many awards for a website I made. Even thought it was winter I was falling in love with the city. I will be going back soon. I also hit my mid 30’s while only suffering a minor “oh shit, I’m getting old” moment and Teaspoon got his first haircut while hitting the terrible 2.

March 2011
2 things happened, we got sick and I ate a lot of fish.

April 2011
My mom wanted to know why I didn’t invent Facebook, the internet or cure cancer. I had some views on the sale of Iron City which turned out to piss off a bunch of yinzers and Pittsburgh purists. Eh, it happens.

May 2011
Should I Drink That turned 5 years old on the 5th and we had a whirlwind bash in Boardman, Ohio as we took over the Big Tap In after party. We cracked open a 101 oz bottle of Double Arrogant Bastard that we have been sitting on for 4-5 years. It came with a padlock. Nuff said. I figured out how you can take a trip with Megabus to Erie (or Pittsburgh from there) and have a very low cost time. I celebrated national Craft Beer Week and if you haven’t heard me talk about it yet, am on the planning group for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week coming in 2012. This month also was record breaking numbers as we raised money for March of Dimes which helps preemies such as my boys.

June 2011
After many years of hard work I graduated cum laude from college. It was incredibly stressful when I threw work and the family into the mix but the support was fantastic! I’ll probably have my student loan bills paid off when Teaspoon is starting school.