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Streamlining Life

January 18th, 2012 No comments

When I wrote the “2012: realistic” post I wasnt sure what was going to happen next. I knew what I wanted to start doing but getting there was a mystery. Someone I follow on twitter said she was “streamlining life” and cleaning up her followers. While it may sound crazy, social media has become a key part of the daily life of people.

Organizing the mess
Over the MLK day 3-day weekend, and thanks to finally having a full night of sleep, the organizing bug crawled up our butts and we got to work. Monday I heard a faint cry for help coming from the basement. I went downstairs to find someone had put them self into a corner from falling boxes.

The day was spent with a solid 7 hours in the basement cleaning out junk that moved with us and damn did it feel refreshing. Granted I still have the stuff that Capt. Obvious left here when we moved in but now we have a floor! The Christmas and holiday decorations are in one section, summer and spring have a shelf and an area was reserved for things we still need to go through (mostly photos and things we were too lazy to sort when moving). I’ll still need at least 1 more solid day of it but we are SO close to being done.

The boxes we did go through furnish pictures that I haven’t seen before or forgot that we had. Plenty of wedding items I forgot about and some childhood memories that I didn’t even realize came with me. There’s still a whole shelf of those boxes I haven’t gone through yet and not sure if I should. No one wants to see me in 6th grade :P  That picture above was when we first moved in almost 2 years ago. The pile has doubled since with a couple holidays and birthdays under our belts plus there are boxes from 2007 in there.

The garbage men hate us. When they came this week we had a mountain of boxes and junk waiting for them. While the next load wont be as bad, it will be heavy. I have some cement and wood that need to find a home.

To finish off our day we upgraded Teaspoon’s room. He’s had a single bed for over a year but now we put the headboard on and raised it up a little bit. I’ve also started hanging framed sports photos in his room which once were in my room. Feels kinda cool seeing him appreciating the same things you did.




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2011 – Did that really happen?

December 29th, 2011 No comments

One thing that I’m bad at is remembering the year. I kept thinking it was 2010 for some reason and have no idea why 2012 doesn’t seem far fetched. Maybe I have a thing against years with odd numbers? This past year was eventful personally but when it came to blogging it was kinda meh. Either way here’s a quick recap so my kids don’t have to sift through archives.

January 2011
Year started off great with the Winter Classic (even though Pens lost) and spending the first 2 weeks home with my new baby. I also decided that I would attempt to go a full year without drinking a Bud/Miller/Coors product. Not to be some elite prick but to see for myself how tough it would be. With the amount of picnics we attended and moments of weakness for going cheap I’m proud to say I’ve made it a full year and some days.

February 2011
Kept the busy pace with a quick trip to Baltimore to pick up the first of what would be many awards for a website I made. Even thought it was winter I was falling in love with the city. I will be going back soon. I also hit my mid 30′s while only suffering a minor “oh shit, I’m getting old” moment and Teaspoon got his first haircut while hitting the terrible 2.

March 2011
2 things happened, we got sick and I ate a lot of fish.

April 2011
My mom wanted to know why I didn’t invent Facebook, the internet or cure cancer. I had some views on the sale of Iron City which turned out to piss off a bunch of yinzers and Pittsburgh purists. Eh, it happens.

May 2011
Should I Drink That turned 5 years old on the 5th and we had a whirlwind bash in Boardman, Ohio as we took over the Big Tap In after party. We cracked open a 101 oz bottle of Double Arrogant Bastard that we have been sitting on for 4-5 years. It came with a padlock. Nuff said. I figured out how you can take a trip with Megabus to Erie (or Pittsburgh from there) and have a very low cost time. I celebrated national Craft Beer Week and if you haven’t heard me talk about it yet, am on the planning group for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week coming in 2012. This month also was record breaking numbers as we raised money for March of Dimes which helps preemies such as my boys.

June 2011
After many years of hard work I graduated cum laude from college. It was incredibly stressful when I threw work and the family into the mix but the support was fantastic! I’ll probably have my student loan bills paid off when Teaspoon is starting school.

What my Klout got me

December 9th, 2011 1 comment

A package arrived for me today which I completely forgot about redeeming for online. I had to think for a second before I realized what was in the box.

Because of my “Klout” score I received a free copy of Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones”. I don’t read non-tech books and I don’t read books for pleasure. Never have and eh, I might someday. Since I got this free I may give it a shot so we’ll see. Now if I was as cool as The Girl Blogger I would have found a way to get a free flight but since I’m not, I got a book. (By the way she’s a 38 and I’m 57. I should get a RT plane and beer tour of the west coast since I’ve never been there)

Baby steps…

Klout has been a questionable service for awhile with social media diehards because there have been found ways to cheat the scoring system. Personally I’m honest with it and just roll with the ranking.  For the longest time no one knew what the algorithm was they were using and if you weren’t on twitter you were basically toast.

Since I do social media for a living spanning different subjects I try to stay on top of everything so I know what’s new and what to watch out for. (Have you heard of Path yet?)

Do these scores need to be taken seriously? Let me put it this way, they’re making a name for themselves and really takes no effort on your part to use it. I’ve already had inquiries because I have a high score when it comes to Craft Beer and people writing for publications that aren’t as social savvy use sites like this for stories… which means my name gets out more… which means I get gigs… see where I’m getting at?

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Teach a Friend/Learn to Homebrew Day 2011

November 10th, 2011 3 comments

Teach a friend to homebrew daySaturday was an absolutely amazing day!  Started with heading down to the Strip District to check out a few beer places, pick up some ingredients, people watch the crazy Steelers yinzers, and partake in East End Brewing offerings from their growler shop in the Pittsburgh Public Market. It was there we met Kris and Andi who were in town to do their own craft beer tour of Pittsburgh. One is from Washington DC and the other Ann Arbor, MI which makes the Burgh the midway point. Good thing to know eh?  Being craft beer cheerleaders for our beloved city we gave them a list of places to go and had a couple beers with them. Amazing ladies and I hope they enjoyed their time!

Back at SIDT Studio B the brewing started to take shape. The fun thing for me was finally understanding the basics of the brewing process happening in front of me. Thankfully I did have someone with me because sickpuppy found an error with the instructions that were sent with the brewing kit and a quick call to Northern Brewer had it resolved. Thumps up for great customer service especially on a Saturday!

The whole process, including running out to find a thermometer which WASN’T included with the kit, took about 4 hours which was perfect. We wrapped up just as the sun set and it was time to transfer to the bucket.

There has been some serious bubble action going on the last few days and I’m looking forward to a gravity reading this weekend to see where we are. One thing the instructions didnt factor in was the need for more priming sugar so I made a run for that last night.

I like where this can end up going as a hobby. I don’t get to drink that much at home so expect to get some as gifts just so I can make a new batch.

We did also record a show when we were done so you can be expecting that soon. Until then I have a lot of reading to do and look into subscriptions :)

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Thank you Mr. Lokay

October 14th, 2011 No comments

I first met Jim a few years ago as a member of the elite softball squad known as Yinz Team and little did I know that the KDKA weather traffic reporter would become a great friend. When my kids were born Jim made sure we were OK. When times were tough during my layoff he was there as a shoulder to lean on and a bud to have a drink with.

Jim is Pittsburgh. He represents what makes this this city great from his charitable acts to all around kindness.  This city is truly losing a son and Boston is gaining a kickass person.

Thank you captain for always being kick ass and make sure I have a couch to crash on when St Patty’s day rolls around up there.


Here is video of Jim’s sendoff from today

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