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Birthday weekend with the Wonders, Stroker Ace and Marty McFly

February 24th, 2015 No comments

Back To The Future AlmanacThis is heavy, Doc!

A Back to the Future themed birthday? GREAT SCOTT!  OK it wasn’t really but felt like it and I’m not complaining. While I didn’t get too much quiet time with a 4yr old and soon-to-be 6yr old running around I was able to take over the TV and enjoy a marathon of:

There was going to be a glorious showing of Flash Gordon but Google Play only has that to buy, not rent. Come on guys get with it!

Google has been bugging me as a cord cutter. The Roku stick YouTube app is absolutely miserable user experience, you can’t pay for Play with your mobile provider unless you’re on your mobile device (should be able to use as form of payment across the board) and every movie should be able to rent, not just buy. Yeah they cost more to rent than say RedBox but to buy is more than Amazon DVD.

Where were we? Oh yes.

The weekend was pretty mellow. There were plans for Saturday night dinner at my favorite pizza shop, Slice on Broadway, but due to incredibly sloppy snow weather we cancelled plans and ate at home while I dined on a 6pack of Weyerbacher Merry Monks.

So what comes next? More craft beer? brewing? podcasting? dad blogging? Who knows. Whatever it is, if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. Right McFly?

Back To The Future Cake

This is how we do Super Bowl Sunday

February 1st, 2015 No comments

Teaspoon and Daddy

I’m kicked back in my favorite watching Pearl Jam and TWiT videos on Chromecast.

Teaspoon is next to me playing his WiiU and screaming at people running him off the road on Mario Kart 8.

Close to us is my youngest, Cheeseburger (a.k.a Little Thor, a.k.a Pickle Sandwich). Red t-shirt, blue shorts on backwards, little kid chucks without shoelaces and on the wrong feet, hands and face coated with Doritos cheese.

My wife is laying on the couch watching Gossip Girl on her phone.

In the oven is a rack of St. Louis style ribs, homemade mac n cheese and 2.5 pounds of chicken wings.

SuperBowl 49 Dinner

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


Snow Day

January 26th, 2015 No comments

Teaspoon Snowball“Pittsburgh may get between 2 and 8 inches of snow”

And then it happened… *bloop* *bloop*  *bloop* *bloop**bloop**bloop* *bloop**bloop* *bloop**bloop**bloop**bloop**bloop* *bloop**bloop**bloop**bloop**bloop*


The force had awoken in Teaspoon and he shot out of bed at 11:30pm. He knew what I was about to say but wanted confirmation. “Yes son, you have a snow day!”

As a “historic” winter storm slams into the east coast and dumps close to 2-3 FEET OF SNOW on NYC, Philly and Boston, we were blanketed with 6 inches of snow. Now this isn’t a “uhhh that’s not a lot of snow.” post or a rant about the annual Pittsburgh freak out inflated by local media making a flurry seem like the end of the world. No, this is about how times have changed when it comes to dealing with these interruptions into the flow of the family circus.

I’m fortunate to be in a position where I can work remotely if needed. In fact, if your employer provides you with a laptop there should be no reason why more places don’t do this. It takes the pressure off of parents trying to juggle an alternate schedule. Those stuck in bad situations don’t have to risk anything to make it in for one of Paul’s boring slide shows (Hello Google Hangouts) and employees have better morale knowing that they’re taken care of.

Today was my first time working at home with the kids here. I shoveled snow, made breakfast, took a shower and jumped online to start my work day. I guess this is what it’s like for people to go to the gym before starting their day. The kids watched TV, did some homework and played outside while trying not to kill each other. I fixed lunch and shipped them outside once again so I could get back to my reports and get my master plan in place. When they finally came back in there was one thing on their mind… A NAP. Could this day get any more perfect?

I put my headphones in and zone out while beautiful sounds of snoring came from the living room.

I admit, I miss being a stay-at-home-dad and having moments like this every day but I also appreciate them a heck of a lot more.

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Losing your first tooth

January 8th, 2015 No comments

Teaspoon No Tooth

When Teaspoon came home from school last night we knew the time was near.

“DADDY LOOK AT MAH TOOF! IT WIGGLES!” he says with fingers jammed in his mouth.


Kids are dirty. Boys are gross. It happens and if you’re a parent saying “not my child”, you’re either in a bubble or lying to yourself.

Shortly after dinner he went sprinting up to the bathroom and it happened. The tooth which wiggle and jiggled for over a week was finally gone and once the reality of the moment sank in, he screamed. He had a quick freak out because there was a decent amount of blood coming from his mouth and really had no idea what was going on. I cleaned his mouth out and promptly started calling/texting/tweeting/Facebooking images of that wonderful smile. Proud daddy moment when your oldest child hits a milestone.

What he said next almost made me pass out and turn white.

“Daddy, my friend at school said that for your first tooth you get $100 because that’s what he got!” Yeah, that was SO not happening here. Instead he woke up to a crisp $5 on his nightstand resting under the Dixie Cup holding his precious tooth.

I know there will be plenty knocked out from hockey, being a boy and fighting with his little brother but until then our insurance is wiping its brow at this part of life.

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2014 – The year of the unknown

December 31st, 2014 No comments

Derda Boys At Market DistrictWhat a year. Usually I go back and recap all of my favorite posts from the past 12 months but I really didn’t blog as much as I thought I would. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had great moments but what I THOUGHT was going to happen and what did are different. Life never goes as planned and that is what makes it an adventure. You find out that what you think you want isn’t what the universe has planned for you.

I was going to write a post talking about the struggles I had being a stay-at-home-dad, being unemployed and then overcoming to wind up where I am today. Quite frankly all it was doing was pissing me off as I relived the asshattery of people not worth my time so I stopped. I could still be bitter about all of the b.s. but it happened for a reason and each time I learned something.

Here are some things I picked up along the way in 2014.

I want to create
Spending time with my kids forced me to be creative on things to do and see. I started to build and create projects thanks to a great planning guide. Parenting made me see the world in a new light and I thought about how I could make processes better and apps to help. This rekindled a love for making content and now I want to do more with it, and will, in 2015.

Be more flexible with your schedule
It’s December 31st today and most people say “Oh I want to have x,y,z done by the end of the year!” That’s great if you have that personal goal but don’t stress if you can’t meet it. Things happen. I wanted to have “Should I Drink That?” and this site redesigned and published but guess what, not happening. Reality is I’ve been slammed at work when by the time I get home at night, eat and put the kids to bed, I’m ready to pass out.

Start saying NO
I had a bad habit of not turning people down when I knew I was overwhelmed. I did a lot of side projects for people (sometimes for free or “exchange for goods”) and found out that they were just taking advantage of my time and generosity. There’s a time and place to help someone out, you just need to know when to draw the line.

Ignore stupid people
Don’t let anyone take away or diminish the enjoyment you have. The moment “How could you possibly like…” comes out of someone’s mouth is when you tune them out and smile. Miserable people are hellbent on bringing you down to their level. Don’t let them. Unless they’re paying you money for a service, their opinion means nothing. I see this all the time with a growing segment in the craft beer crowd. Guess what, I drink craft beer but I’m also known to drink Beast Ice. *gasp* Oh it’s true. It may taste like desperation but some nights I need that.

Read more
Coming into 2014 I hated reading. “Don’t you want to get lost in a good book?” Hell no. It’s wasting my time when I could be doing something else constructive. I still think reading for pleasure is silly and that if you’re not learning something from reading, it’s a waste of time. Binge watching Netflix though, I’m all about that. It requires little effort.

The people who are always in panic mode will burn out.
OMFG THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER! Well until the next OMFG THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER! happens. I’ve dealt with too many people who are always in crisis mode and it’s exhausting. You just need to keep your mouth shut and do your job. I let myself slip once when I was pushed too far and all that did was feed the fire. Keep calm because while they’re flipping out you can be dreaming about something else. Like making beer.

Becoming DIY – repairs
My dad could fix anything or would find someone who could help. My brother is the “I’ll pay someone to do it” guy. Me? I was a mix. I never learned the basics of home repairs or cars growing up beyond the “HOLD THE FLASHLIGHT HERE!” role. With a lack of income this year I turned to the internet and friends for help on how to fix basic things. Now I’m more likely to try and fix it myself first before calling a repair guy. Well I call my father-in-law first THEN make the decision on what to do.

Becoming DIY – food
The family bought me a new grill this year and I have been grilling my ass off and I want to do more in 2015. I was also on the hook to make dinner every night while home with the kiddos. I found out I had a knack for cooking and I can thank home brewing for that. If you can boil water you can cook (and brew). I’m not going to plan an elaborate 4 course meal but if I get the call to whip something up, I’m no longer calling for take out.

Pittsburgh really is badass
I created a series called ‘Discover Pittsburgh through my kids” that turned out to be a big hit. If I didn’t have the opportunity to be home with my kids I would have never found out how kickass the city is. Until you’re in a situation to appreciate certain features of this town you can’t truly appreciate the diversity of Pittsburgh. Thank you everyone for making 2014 an exciting and educational year.

Here are a few videos that will always make this past year special

(Watch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on YouTube)
YouTube Preview Image

(Watch Derda Boys sing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’)
YouTube Preview Image

(Watch The Day I Nuked 8 Years of Work By Mistake on YouTube)
YouTube Preview Image