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The day I nuked 8 years of work by mistake

July 16th, 2014 No comments

I was already having a really rough morning with the kids when the unthinkable happened. Somehow I deleted my website and wiped out 8 years of work… without a backup I thought.

YouTube Preview Image
(Watch video on YouTube)

Check out the video for everything that happened. I never told my co-host that our podcast was in internet heaven but he’s about to find out.

Wiped out Website

What a day.


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The quesadilla showdown: Little Thor vs Daddy

July 11th, 2014 No comments

The following even happened moments ago. Names have not been changed because my kids are meat heads but just a refresher, Little Thor is 3 and Teaspoon is 5.

A pantless Little Thor comes running into the dining room where I’m getting caught up on news and yells “I want pepperoni quesadilla for breakfast!”.

Little Thor SmileMe: OK, anything else?
Little Thor: No cook, I eat like that.

I start making it

Little Thor: NO! I said CHEESE!
Me: No you didn’t. You said pepperoni.
Me: Fine. I’ll make cheese.

I start making cheese and turn on the stove.

Me: You want it uncooked? Seriously?
Little Thor: Yes.

I grab a red Elmo plate out of the cabinet

Me: We don’t have orange.
Little Thor: FINE! I TAKE BWUE!

At this point Little Thor goes into the living room and gets a TV tray.

Me: Here you go buddy!
Little Thor: NOOOOO! I no want this. I want BOLOGNA! *shoves plate*

I bring in a piece of bologna

Me: This IS bologna
Little Thor: No, little bologna!
Me: You mean pepperoni?
Little Thor: YES! I SAID THAT!

At this point Teaspoon waked up and says he’ll take the quesadilla.

Teaspoon: It’s not cooked? Who eats that?
Me: Your brother
Teaspoon: Little Thor is a butt head. Hey daddy…
Me: What’s up?
Teaspoon: Don’t forget the ranch.

After all was said and done, here’s that damn quesadilla.

Cheese Pepperoni Quesadilla

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Growing up with a geek dad

June 27th, 2014 No comments

My dad was a radio and gadget geek. He obsessed over different types of phones, radios (even owned a few CBs) and most cameras and I can thank him for passing that gene on to me. Now, I get to take it to a new level with my boys.

Teaspoon on the mic

Both of my kids know how to work the video game units, tablets are a breeze and Teaspoon can figure out how to work anything that plugs in. Right now he loves recording audio and playing with the mixer I use for podcasting. I have a multimedia background (someone also gave me a degree in it, suckas!) and seeing him take interest gives me the joy I’m sure my father had also. I used to reverse engineer my toys when I was younger and while my dad was never pleased when I’d rip a toy apart, he always did get a kick when I’d get the toy together or working better. My kids though, they’re learning that I control the internet.

A few weeks ago WQED got a hold of me to review an episode of iQ Smartparent: iDad and the book “The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists“. Wow were my eyes opened. I’ve been home with my boys for almost 7 months and heard of the Smartparent series but it took me until now to check it out. I’m really glad I did! The site has been excellent to find resources, especially local ones, to help raise the kiddos and meet parents like myself.

The iDad episode showcases the first generation to really embrace comic books and video games who are now parents passing down their passions to their kids.

Here is the video. Check it out and let me know what you think. Is there a passion you’ve passed on to your kids?

YouTube Preview Image
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Hey kid, I am the internet.

June 19th, 2014 2 comments

What happens when you’ve spent the day tormenting your little brother and dad while making demands of what WILL happen?

Daddy logs into the router and blocks you from all internet access.

Teaspoon Pouting No Internet


I give the 5yr old credit, he is pretty tech savvy for his age. He can handle a tablet, laptop and most electronic devices with no problem. He can get to PBS Kids and play games, he watches videos on YouTube, he loves to watch things with Chromecast and is learning how to work the mixer. Every once in awhile though you have to give the little buggers a reminder of who’s boss and when your daddy comes from a very long IT background, that reminder will only be fun for your parents.

Teaspoon, have a nice day.


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Bikes, snakes, beach time and The Gonzo

June 16th, 2014 No comments

I woke up on Father’s Day with a weird craving. Well, it was weird for me. I wanted to go bike riding.

Bike Rental

On one of my summer trips to Pittsburgh as a teen to visit my brother, he and his wife took me to Moraine State Park for a day riding bikes. While I don’t recall everything from that day, I knew I had a good time and now I wanted to go back with my family.

This will also go down as the first time I didn’t research the heck out of a place before hand and come up with an itinerary. Consider it as silencing my inner Clark W. Griswold.

We couldn’t have asked for better driving weather. Blue skies and 80F temps made having working AC a gift from the travel gods as we sat in construction for 30 minutes just outside of Zelienople. Something I would have known if I checked Google Maps before I left. Seriously, how did my parents ever survive driving to Pittsburgh from Erie so many times without the internet?

On the way was a potty break on the side of the road where we ended up gaining an extra passenger. When we pulled over a grasshopper hopped in the car and moments after we got back on the road, it went up Lushie’s leg.

SCREAM – STOP – SCREAM – toss out the car – back to driving.

After a quick stop at the park station and a chat with a very helpful park ranger, we made our destination at the bike rental located on the north shore. I can say with confidence that I haven’t been on a bike in at least 15 years which was apparent with my choice of cargo shorts and lacking the ability to figure out which bike would be best for me. If you’re like me do yourself a favor, wear running shorts too. You’ll thank me when you’re done.

The wife and I picked our rides and she took the courageous task of riding with Little Thor in the wagon. Teaspoon, on the other hand, threw a fit to bring his own bike which turned out to be a bad idea. His ride has a back tire low on tread and training wheels that are a bit wonky plus he naturally leans to the left so getting up any incline is a task.

We made it about half way to our first destination before we turned around for 2 reasons.

  1. Teaspoon was struggling

I’m Indiana Jones when it comes to snakes. Not. Gonna. Happen.

This proved to be a sign since everyone was feeling tired from the ride and the sun. I give Teaspoon credit though, even though he wanted to quit I got him to keep on pedaling. Someday you’ll thank me for this buddy.

Kids EatingNext stop was a picnic at Lakeview Beach and once again something else joins our party. A BIG black spider came down from the tree we were under and crawled on Lushie’s shoulder.


Lake ArthurThis was a sign we had to move on and headed to the beach where we were greeted with a picturesque view of Lake Arthur.

Teaspoon and Little Thor were in their glory playing in the sand and water. I started to think of growing up in Erie and how I didn’t appreciate having a beach such as Presque Isle at my disposal.

The beach was packed with families celebrating Father’s Day and while I want to say seeing the joy on the kids’ faces was the most memorable part I would be lying. It was trumped by the 12 yr old boy who picked up a dead fish with his hands and went running up to his mom to show her. I thought Lushie’s scream was loud until this lady belted out her own tune. The boy then went running around showing it to all of the girls on the beach which caused more chaos. Lushie and I looked at each other laughing knowing that it will be one of our boys doing that someday.

We packed up and started to head home when I realized I must have missed a road sign but somehow still ended up to junction Rt19. After driving for 20 minutes I saw a sign for Volant and that’s when it hit me, we were heading north instead of south. Where we junctioned at felt like we were heading south but in fact we were facing the opposite direction. Lushie is laughing uncontrollably because this added to the random things that happened to us on the trip and I’m grumbling like an old man “TURN ON THE GPS!”.

The GonzoOn the way home we stopped at my favorite pizza shop in Pittsburgh, Slice on Broadway, for my signature Gonzo pizza. It has the best, of the best, of the best. Sliced steak, crispy bacon, crumbled gorgonzola, mozzarella and provolone, topped with baby spinach and sliced red onions. They will take any of their hoagie and make them into pizza. Give it a try next time!

Looking back on it today, it really was an incredible day and I’m fortunate to have the comical family that I do to share it with.

How was your Father’s Day?

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