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Original plan was to have this as a showcase for my work, act as a hub for my many projects and maybe get some side gigs. Its turned into a blog about my kids, Pittsburgh culture, my work as a craft beer advocate and any random thing I feel like talking about.  “N’at” is a part of Pittsburghese that cracks me up and I find, especially in older family members, it’s used to end most sentences. Sometimes as “So you went to the store n’at n’at n’at.”.

Douglas Derda - craft beer advocate and digital marketing pro

So who am I? (The short SHORT version)
Tech dad to 2 knuckleheads. I have a knack for digital marketing. I produce one of the longest running podcasts about craft beer. I was a homebrewer but now I spend my weekends promoting local BBQ. I love hockey. I’m obsessed with Back to the Future and Pearl Jam. Oh yeah and I do voice work. Right now there are people around the world learning English from lessons with my voice in their ears.

So who am I? (The OMG you talk a lot version)
Weekend homebrewer, former stay-at-home-dad, social media professional, web guy, craft beer advocate, podcaster, rookie genealogist, BBQ addict, Back to the Future and 80s/90s pop culture techno weenie.

I was born and raised in the port city of Erie, PA but I don’t hunt, fish, care for seafood or go boating. I complain about yinzers inability to drive in the snow, when it rains, slowing down through tunnels and speeding up to cut people off at the merge point.

I love history and if you show me something old there’s a good chance I’ll dig it. Gettysburg and most recently the Battle of Lake Erie are my 2 favorite periods but family history is what gets me going.

Beer Me
My first craft beer was an Erie Railbender in 1997 and at that moment I knew my world would change. In late 2005 I started watching a show called called TikiBar TV which introduced me to The Real Happy Hour, a podcast dedicated to the best hour of the day which featured a signature drink. I recruited my good friend and fellow techie Brad to start our own show dedicated to craft beer. Yes there were other beer shows around but most (with the exception being Good Beer Show and Big Foamy Head) were dry, boring and incredibly snooty. There was a need for someone to talk to the everyday beer drinker and those on the fence for trying something new.

After many emails back and forth we settled on the name “Should I Drink That?” and on Cinco De Mayo 2006 episode 1 was released. Because of the show I have been on cable tv, local tv, several national magazines and for 3 years I wrote about craft beer. It was only fitting that I would eventually start to make craft beer which I try to squeeze in on a free weekend. Because of the show I became an advocate for craft beer and showcasing the great movement in SW Pennsylvania which lead to a gig as host for Brooklyn Mash.

Stay-at-home-daddy dude
It wasn’t a choice I decided to make but you play the hand you’re dealt and so far it’s been the most rewarding of my life. The experience taught me more about myself, my family and how dads are perceived. It has made me more patient, stronger, one heck of a multi-tasker and negotiator. My boys and I had quite the adventure and you can read about it here.

I’m a content creator. Wear a hard hat.
When I was a kid I loved performing. I belonged to the theater group in high school, performed and wrote in college and when I discovered the internet, I found the perfect platform for my content. I still geek out when people enjoy the content I develop. Webpages started as an early love and developed into audio and video obsessions.

Because of the podcast I was able to grow my creativity and picked up an unexpected interest for marketing and PR. Combined with my tech background this has made me a well rounded seasoned digital media manager. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the great community built through Podcamp Pittsburgh. This city has some amazing talent and I’m proud to call most of them friends.

Professional n’at
I moved to Pittsburgh in the late 90’s during the dot com boom and started my career as a web developer at a local corporation and stayed there until they shut the doors in 2009 when I was the “project coordinator-web-video-hey who can fix this?” guy. Since then I’ve had a successful career shift as a web and social media manager in higher ed (won a few awards) in the energy field and now as a Digital Marketing Manager. I was also the content and coding web guy for rock band The Clarks for 10 years and I like to talk about social media, a lot. This is why I present at Podcamp Pittsburgh and do many speaking engagements on the topic.

My career path has taken me in interesting directions I never would have imagined but I’ve enjoyed the journey. I have a background in web design, web management, social media, Facebook and Twitter advertising platforms, community development, web & social analytics, crisis management, annual giving, alumni relations, digital design, corporate communications, external relations, podcasting and project management.

Curious about where I’ve been? Check out  “in the news“!

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