Just like suicide

**This is from a post I made on Facebook earlier this week and was asked by several people to make public so they could share it. I found it only fitting that I republish it on here as well.**

“Tuesday night before I went on the air I found out a friend of mine I went to UPT with, and reconnected within the last couple of years, committed suicide earlier this month. We had talked about our kids and got caught up on the last 20 years. Everything seemed fine but is wasn’t.

I’d see posts sharing the suicide hotline and think “Do people REALLY need that on Facebook? No one I know would call that. They already know who to call.”. Well, I was wrong. When I got the call that night my first thought was “Fuck me, that’s one of us. He was the strong one.” I’m still in disbelief since I talked to him recently too.

If you find yourself down, especially with the holidays which can be a real kick to the balls, know that there is someone you can talk to – Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255. Heck, shoot me a message and I’ll give you my cell. We can meet up.

I’m not asking for condolences or “sorry to hear about your friend.”, just share the number above. There’s more going on behind the “hey look how great my life is” posts. Stop being so angry at everyone and take a minute to see who could use a friend.”

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of photos from college so I can’t share visual memories with my friend but I have memories. I hope he has found peace to whatever caused so much pain.