It’s 3am eternal when you can’t sleep

It’s 3 A.M., 3 A.M., It’s 3 A.M. eternal.

The bulk of my nights for the last 2 weeks I’ve been waking up at 3am. No idea why, it just happens. I’m talking wide awake at 3am on the dot and I’m not even tired. Irritated that I’m awake but not dragging my butt around.

MSpoon's Beard 2016y first thought was to blame one of my kids (because really they’re usually the guilty parties for anything going down around here) had a malicious plan to get back at me for turning off their internet and set an alarm on their devices to go off at that time.  Nope. Not it.

Well maybe it’s that young guy and his girlfriend next door who work as servers?  Negative.

My only guess left is either that damn Elfie is trying to get back, one of the many apartment neighbors are outside being jagoffs or someone is trying to get me up. Well BBQ guys get up this early to start smoking meats so…

I’ve never been a person who sleeps in or required a lot of rest to function. Even thought I wake up at 3am I still manage 6-7 hours a night, it’s just not all at once. This phenomenon hasn’t impacted my productivity during the day thankfully but it is reaching an annoying level.

Maybe it’s this beard thing I decided to attempt this year. I’ve heard they can have a mind of their own.

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