Hi there.

Podcamp Pittsburgh 11

Whaaaaaaaaaa April 22nd, 2016? Seriously? It’s been 6 months since I’ve posted?

Podcamp Pittsburgh 11

I’m laying in bed watching the Indians get thumped in Game 6 of the World Series and thinking how 1 week from now the most appalling Presidential race will most likely be over and a new level of asshattery will begin. Some day my kids will have A LOT of questions about how all of this happened so I better start documenting what’s going on.

History. That’s why I blog. Facebook loves to remind you about your most trivial post 8 years ago but you still check it out. I look at everything I’ve done since my first website in 1997 and while most is laughable, there are great memories that were starting to fade.

I’ve been busy since that last post. VERY BUSY. With what though? I debated if I should write again but after the last 6 months, heck the last year of events I never even talked about, I need to. I’ve spent multiple trips to Texas learning about BBQ and riding a 10ft jackalope. I put the podcast on hold in May so I could start up a new BBQ project and last week I turned the mic back on again. I found out I really enjoy camping and it’s now what I do when I need to disconnect and unwind. I’m finally starting to discover work-life balance.

I have many stories to share and I promise to deliver. Blog could probably use a facelift while I’m at it too.

Cheer’s n’at.

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