8 days to fail

A month ago I started the “100 Days of Blogging” with the Pittsburgh bloggers group on Facebook and after 8 days I stopped.

Nothing dramatic. No big announcement. I just stopped.

I HAD to stop.

I was sitting up in bed at 11pm thinking “What should I write? Do I take the easy road and just upload a pic just for the sake of making a post so I can keep up with the challenge?”.  Previously I would have caved and made a post but it hit me I needed to let it go. I finally realized I was doing to much.

You may think that a blog post isn’t that big of a deal, and for some it’s not, but I hate going into anything and doing it half-assed. In fact, here are times I overthink things and try too hard for perfection instead of just doing it. The idea of writing and not spending time planning it out wasn’t appealing to me so I gave up.

I have a hard time saying no to side projects because I never want to miss out on an opportunity but the reality is, it’s OK to say “I don’t have time”.

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