Into the unknown

Pittsburgh 10th St BridgeI’m currently in a hotel room on the South Side with one of my closest friends. Wait, that sounds bad. I’m hanging out in a hotel room for the weekend. There, that’s kinda better.

My 30s were not what I was expecting when I was 29 but looking back I realize how innocent I still was and the level of maturing I needed to do. Since I’ve been on a time travel kick as of late, let’s do this up time line style. Give me a blues riff in B, watch me for the changes and try to keep up.

  • 30 – 3 months after my birthday, the age of “Should I Drink That?” kicks off an unexpected career in craft beer, social media and opening the doors to meeting 95% of the good friends I have today.
  • 30.8 – Dad passes away. Wasn’t ready for that gut punch.
  • 31 – Created a video that went viral as the 1st ever chug of a Dogfish Head 120 on YouTube which results in death threats by beer snobs. Move to Cranberry to live in what I thought was an upscale townhouse so I could be closer to work. HAHAHA SUCKA!
  • 32 – Life is great and we’re expecting our first chillllldddd…. OMFG we’re all being let go! The stable job I had since I was 22 is about to go poof. WTF do I do?
  • 33 – You’re a daddy earlier than expected… and were just laid off 6 days ago. What the heck are you going to do? PENS WON THE STANLEY CUP! YOU WON A MUSTANG! Dang, guess I have to go back to work. Oh look, higher ed his hiring!
  • 34 – Snowmageddon drops 48 inches in a few days on us. Walls and ceiling start falling in. Screw it, let’s buy a house and move to the *gulp* South Hills. I’ll finally have my office so I can record and… what? You’re pregnant again? Hi there kid #2! You’re a little early also. Great seats in the endzone for the Winter Classic though. Won a few major awards for work in podcasting.
  • 35 – Got me one of those fancy college degree thingies and it came with honors. Not too shabby! I finally get to see one of my idols, Chris Cornell, in concert.
  • 36 – Started homebrewing. Appeared in multiple publications for craft beer. Podcast is showing no signs of slowing. Pat Metheny becomes my mortal enemy.
  • 37 – Rock out covering the NCAA Frozen Four. Corporate America is calling and wants you back with a sizable raise. FOOL YOU! We’re laying you off but thanks for 7 months! Introducing the Stay-at-Home-Dad!
  • 38 – Time to get back to work. I go solo on the podcast and get up close and personal with Garth Brooks.
  • 39 – Took my first vacation in 16 years that wasn’t for a wedding. Spent weeks in Waco Texas, Chautauqua NY and camping in Jellystone Park. Of course I still have to blog about it because I basically took the year off from writing. Bought my first new(ish) car. We also went back to the 90’s with an incredible show by Collective Soul.

That brings us to today. I really have no idea what is happening and that’s exactly what I wanted. Most of the time I need to know every detail of what’s going to because the OCD project manager in me comes roaring out if we fall behind. Kinda like Clark Griswold in Europe.  I’m twitching a little bit but I also expect a cocktail in my hand shortly to make it all better.

So 40. Looks like we’re finally going to meet tomorrow. If you’re anything like the 30s were I’m in for one heck of an adventure that doesn’t seem to be slowing.

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