I do this to myself.

EP117 Stone Enjoy By 02 14 2016

I’m trying to figure out what my next move is going to be.

I have Should I Drink That 99% done with the website move along with the transition to a new file host and template. All I need to do is change the redirect and a few file names. The show is starting to pick back up with scheduled episodes and invites coming in for collaborations. I know what I want to do around the house but honestly, who is ever really done working on their house until it’s “OMG WE NEED TO SELL!” time. I have 2 books that came into the library unexpectedly at the same time so every night I’m trying to get an hour of reading in before bed (How on earth do you people manage 2 books at once?).

I’ve created a workflow so don’t screw it up n’at.

When you think about juggling that, kids sports schedules and a full time job you’d figure that I was stretched far enough, especially after that one post. Not so fast. On top of joining 100 Days of Blogging I also started another project but it’s one that I’m telling myself will be easy to manage once it gets moving.  It happened on a whim during a twitter conversation today and within an hour I bought the domain, built a template and had my first post finished all before I finished my lunch hour.

Do I do this to myself? Of course. Will I grumble I have too much on my plate? Absolutely. The difference is this is something “I” want to do and believe solves a need versus something you think I should be doing.

So what is it? Eh can’t tell you yet but I’m in a groove where I can get projects running and pass them onto others if needed. The thrill of starting from scratch, brainstorming on twitter and Slack, then seeing a product live in less than an hour was exhilarating. It was like opening a Digital Marketing Toolkit and watching the magic happen.

I’ll have more details in the coming weeks but once you see it you’ll say “heh, I DO need that!”. I dig it but first I need to get ready. Birthday Weekend is about to start and I have no idea what is in store. The only information I was told is “Someone is coming to kidnap you Friday night and you won’t see your family until Sunday.”. In other words, I’m being forced to take a break & get offline for 48 hours. I’m already starting to twitch.

More tomorrow….

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