It’s time for sideline coaching parents to get in the game.

I’ve volunteered to coach youth sports for 4 years and I’ve had it with a certain group of parents. I know that schedules can be so crazy insane that you can’t commit to helping out at your kid(s) game. Totally cool, trust me, I completely understand. I’m not talking about you right now. In fact I want to thank you for giving your child the opportunity to participate in sports.

Parents Fighting With CoachI’m looking at the bossy pants parents. The ones who complain every week about how expensive it is and tell you how to run a team and how their kid needs more playing time (even though every kid gets equal time) but never show their faces when it comes time to help out.

You know the people.

Trendy coffee-mocha-frappa-triple-espesso-something drinking, sporting yoga pants or sweatsuit wearing while looking incredible hungover or bragging about how they were all-city/state/county something. Oh and you, parent of the bossy kid who pushes kids around , quit jumping on the field to say good job and pose for a picture. Surprisingly this kid has been more girls than boys.

I’ve been fortunate that every team I’ve coached has had very active parents. Those people I like. They help out at practice when needed, drive kids around and bring snacks. Thumbs up!

So what finally pushed me to the point of writing this? I’ve received 3 emails this week from leagues once again begging for parents to be coaches and volunteers otherwise risk being too overwhelmed to have the season happen. I have 2 kids who play multiple sports and this past Spring I was pulling double time between 2 sports on the same day because there weren’t enough parents to volunteer. Like I said, I understand those who cant make it but if you can be in my ear every week about how to coach, you can be on the field helping out.

I’m not doing this because I need to run everything my kids do. Heck, I’d LOVE to be able to sit and watch them play for once instead of telling little Johnny to quit chasing butterflies, but I know that if I don’t help out many kids could miss out on the little bit of attention they need to get inspired.

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