Doc, you mean we’re in the future? October 21, 2015

BTTF 2 Store front

Back to the Future Day is here! 

The day Marty McFly, Jennifer and Doc arrive in the year 2015. Actually every day is BTTF Day for me but hey we can all celebrate!  Yearly I celebrate in my own way the day Marty went back in time, October 26 (1985) and the day time travel was invented November 5 (1955). Oh, just so we can settle this once and for all, and hopefully stop all of those rage inducing Facebook/Twitter memes, time travel happened in 1885, 1955, 1985 and 2015.

BTTF 2 Store frontMy obsession for Back to the Future goes back to the first time I saw the movie on the big screen as a kid but I don’t think it really kicked into overdrive until the last 10 years when more collectibles and material to geek out over became more available. Now I get to share my love for the whole series with my two boys who can recite most of the lines from the movies which is a treat when parents say “Your son asked me what I was looking at, butthead.”

You’re going to see an ungodly amount of the entertainment sites and new outlets doing their fluff pieces on what was predicted correctly and what was wrong, question if the Cubs win the World Series (not likely at this point) and ask where the hover boards and flying cars are. Actually, College Humor has a great video showing what would happen if Marty arrived in 2015 as we know it today.

(Watch on YouTube) NSFW

Personally I don’t have much of a collection prior to when I was married. Everything I own is in storage and will remain there until we get a bigger house so I can finally have a room to myself. I know, keep dreaming, Derda. When I do want to make official and unique purchases I check out  Easily they’re the best resource for anything Back to the Future related. I know an obscene amount of random facts from the first Back to the Future and have taken part in very deep conversations about the various timelines from the movie thanks to fans of that site.

I’ve worked on my family’s genealogy for over a decade and there are nights when I think “What if I could go back and talk to a relative?” or I ask myself the question that Bob Gale had which inspired the original film “What would happen if I met my dad when he was in high school?”. It would be difficult knowing what even the smallest thing you say/do could have an impact on the future. I’d just appreciate getting help on the dead ends of my family tree.

So how will I celebrate tonight while the rest of America rediscovers the greatest trilogy of all time? Kicked back with my boys and a heaping bowl of popcorn.

Here is my question to you. If you were traveling from 1985 to 2015, what would you think of the world today?

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