Getting out of the house – the year of family travel

I’ve joked over the years that unless someone was getting married or had passed away, we’ve never been on a family vacation and I haven’t taken a break in over 10 years. Sad thing was, I wasn’t kidding. It was the truth.

Cheeseburger Derda Erie ZooVacations and time off were never part of my vocabulary and looking back it has been one of my biggest regrets. I was raised to believe that you work no matter what and there will be time to rest when you are dead. I was constantly connected and little did I know there was more than time in the sun I was missing. It would piss me off when I saw friends who always griped about not having money posting pics from trips they took every couple of months. If I was going to do this I would have to learn how to relax. You read that correctly. I didn’t know how to relax.

Every winter we would day dream about trips to take and then reality would sink in, I’d freak about money, logistics behind organizing an adventure and stress out to the point where I’d say “screw this!” and go back to work. After being off for a year to stay home with the boys I discovered I had to make more time for my family and more importantly, myself.

You may have noticed a serious lack of posts this year… or you haven’t (hi new people!). After returning from our first trip in April I made the decision to take a blogging break as well. Then we went on more unplanned vacations and let me tell you, it was freaking wonderful. Nothing breaking the bank either. We found great (read as hella cheap) ways to relax as a family and have fun. This post will be a kickoff for the 2015 Derda travel series which include:

  • Waco, TX – Week long adventure including flights with Spirit Airlines, dining at the restaurant where biker warfare took place and so much good BBQ it shot out my ears.
  • Sherman, NY – A week in the woods at “Cabin on Echo Pond” by Chautauqua turned out to be one of the most relaxing places in the world.
  • Erie, PA – Sometimes you need to go home to get yourself grounded.
  • Cherry Hill, NJ – You don’t know a long road trip until you’ve been on a Greyhound bus. Solo trip for my first ever guy’s weekend and memories that ummm well we ate and drank very well.
  • Harrisville, PA – Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest was the site for my 1st ever camping trip. You can guess how this city slicker handled the woods.

Stories above will become live as the stories are posted over the next week and they’ll all link to each other.

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