The Pittsburgh Tribune Review crossed the line

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 082715

There are countless times when I’ve said I would quit/unsubscribe from a publication because of something they printed and never did. I’d cool off, say eff it and move on but this morning I couldn’t. I was pissed when I opened up the Pittsburgh Trib.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 082715That photo is the moment before reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward of Virginia-based WDBJ-TV were executed by Vester Flanagan during a live TV report.

There are so many ways this story could have ran and the Trib decided to go with the view from the gunman which he broadcasted to the internet. You could have used just the profile pictures of the two journalists and made your point but no, you had to sink this low.

I’m absolutely disgusted by this move. I tried to hold onto my subscription because there are a handful of really good reporters there but this was too much. I called this morning and broke up with the Trip. Told them to keep whatever I still had left and take me off all future calls.

This isn’t a post to be all “oh look it me. I’m doing something *hrumph*!” it’s to say, what the bloody hell. I know click bait and “shock” sells and you need to make money but there are sites like TMZ who should deal with the trash, not the local newspaper. Journalists and reporters nationwide asked that people on Twitter not to watch the video and here you are eating up your own kind. I was in a seminar this past spring where I heard a Trib employee say “it’s about the clicks” (which is pretty much why they keep Rossi around). Now I see that it’s true.

UGH I’m so frustrated. You can’t just get straight up news anymore. It has to be right or left wing and be a SHOCK piece to make people go *BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP* crazy insane and fear the world. No wonder everyone is on edge. You’re now the equivalent to those “What happens next will amaze you” website ads.

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