The Republican Debate of WTF


Trump Debate


That was my reaction last night after the Fox News feed ended. It’s too soon for me to care what the answers are and it wouldn’t matter which party was on last night; that was a riot to watch. Yeah yeah running for president is a serious matter and the future of our country is at hand.


We’re so early into this race that last night was like the first week of American Idol. This is when it’s a freakshow, Trump is the puppeteer and I love it. Here’s why.

It’s disruptive. I know he won’t win and you know he won’t win but guess what, he’s saying what’s on his mind and the norm of canned replies is gone. He fought back! Reporters rarely challenge these guys to anything above a softball question and here comes Mr. Trump – smoking a cigar lit from a $10,000 bill, chugging a bottle of Cristal and flipping the bird while explosives go off behind him. Let him run his course and the sideshow will die down but you know what, he has you talking about him and you’re going “Hell yeah!” or you’re “Screw you!”.  You’re paying attention now to who is running and MAYBE you’ll take a serious look at the candidates.

Here is what I had an issue with last night. The execution of the broadcast.

GOP Debate

Why is it 2015 and the only way to watch a debate is on Fox News if you subscribe to cable? As a cord cutter I found this incredibly annoying and had to borrow someone’s cable password so I could log into a feed that didn’t work for the first hour and then Chromecast a browser screen to my TV. Facebook was a sponsor, but of what exactly? OK they showed a few videos from users but why wasn’t there a page dedicated to the debate and the video provided for free from there? I swallowed my pride and downloaded the FoxNews Android app and that gave no option to broadcast to a TV. Fox News own Roku app, you know the app which is ON THE TV, doesn’t allow live streaming. Make your jokes about Fox all you want but if you’re carrying an event like this, show it to the people!

Facebook logos where EVERYWHERE too. You couldn’t miss them. There were zero mentions of hashtags. It was just GAAAHHH!

Now if there was something set up last night and I missed it, eh it happens, but I was all over just looking to get my fix of crazies.

When the next round of debates come up I hope the committees are more on the ball.

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