Gone Baby Gone

For the first time in 6 years there isn’t a crib in our house and it’s pretty freaky.


This crib has been a staple in our house for so long that I barely remember life without it. When we bought the crib we made sure to get one that also converted into a daybed which is how it ended up. Teaspoon graduated to his own bed at 18months shortly before Cheeseburger was born and then Cheese stayed in the crib/daybed until this past week when we decided it was time to upgrade. Now Teaspoon has a new futon for his little pimp palace and Cheeseburger gets the single bed. Poor dude has a lifetime of hand-me-downs coming.

If you know anyone looking for a crib we have all of the pieces (i think) and it’s a pretty sturdy piece of craftsmanship. What you’ll get with this model that you can’t find in Babies-R-Us is the artistic design of multiple teeth marks from both kids trying to gnaw their way out.

Here’s a quick flashback to when we bought it in 2009.

My wife teared up when I took it apart while my thoughts were more along the lines of “Thank GOD I don’t have to put this back together again.”



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