This isn’t what I had in mind when I wanted DAS BOOT

The Derda BootI have never broken a bone in my life. I’ve played chicken with a MACK Truck. I’ve been drilled by baseballs and hockey pucks. I jumped BMX bikes as a kid and had my fair share of bumps, scratches and stitches but I’ve never broken anything… until now.

Fortunate? Maybe. Tempting fate? Absolutely!

Only a couple people knew I was privately training for The Great Race last summer. If you’ve known me only from Pittsburgh you might think this is a crazy idea. If you knew me in Erie you probably remember that I would run everywhere. I ran distance in high school and, while not a jet, posted good times and really enjoyed it. I ran the Pittsburgh Great Race a few times and even trained in Florida for a week. Getting back to running was something that I finally motivated myself for and I was doing great until IT happened.

After 6 weeks of running the streets and sidewalks of the South Hills I decided to switch it up and move to the local track. First few days everything went fantastic and my personal records were improving but as I was starting day 3 something went terribly wrong. I made it a quarter of a mile when a sharp pain ran through my foot; I thought it was a pulled muscle. I’ve had those before so I wasn’t concerned but something still felt off.

I visited my doctor who said my sneakers need pitched (I still haven’t done that BTW) since the tread was gone and all signs pointed to a pulled muscle. I took a couple of months off to rest it and recently went back to run again. I made it 15 seconds before the sound.


Oh yeah, that can’t be good.

I went back to my doc and he said there is a good chance it’s a fracture and I needed to get to a specialist soon. This morning was that visit and as I’m looking at the x-ray the specialist says “You see those 2 bones? They’re supposed to be one!”. 20 minutes later I’m walking out sporting new hardware and one crazy limp.

Hopefully I’ll be healed by the time St Pat’s Day gets here so I don’t have to hobble downtown but the possibility of me doing the Great Race is up in the air. I never took my feet serious because I saw the custom shoes and a lot of the conditioning were foolish plus I always thought I knew what was best. With everything else going on with me as I close in on another birthday, I need to seriously come to terms with the fact I’m not 20 anymore and really, that’s OK.