This is how we do Super Bowl Sunday

Teaspoon and Daddy

I’m kicked back in my favorite watching Pearl Jam and TWiT videos on Chromecast.

Teaspoon is next to me playing his WiiU and screaming at people running him off the road on Mario Kart 8.

Close to us is my youngest, Cheeseburger (a.k.a Little Thor, a.k.a Pickle Sandwich). Red t-shirt, blue shorts on backwards, little kid chucks without shoelaces and on the wrong feet, hands and face coated with Doritos cheese.

My wife is laying on the couch watching Gossip Girl on her phone.

In the oven is a rack of St. Louis style ribs, homemade mac n cheese and 2.5 pounds of chicken wings.

SuperBowl 49 Dinner

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!