Snow Day

Teaspoon Snowball“Pittsburgh may get between 2 and 8 inches of snow”

And then it happened… *bloop* *bloop*  *bloop* *bloop**bloop**bloop* *bloop**bloop* *bloop**bloop**bloop**bloop**bloop* *bloop**bloop**bloop**bloop**bloop*


The force had awoken in Teaspoon and he shot out of bed at 11:30pm. He knew what I was about to say but wanted confirmation. “Yes son, you have a snow day!”

As a “historic” winter storm slams into the east coast and dumps close to 2-3 FEET OF SNOW on NYC, Philly and Boston, we were blanketed with 6 inches of snow. Now this isn’t a “uhhh that’s not a lot of snow.” post or a rant about the annual Pittsburgh freak out inflated by local media making a flurry seem like the end of the world. No, this is about how times have changed when it comes to dealing with these interruptions into the flow of the family circus.

I’m fortunate to be in a position where I can work remotely if needed. In fact, if your employer provides you with a laptop there should be no reason why more places don’t do this. It takes the pressure off of parents trying to juggle an alternate schedule. Those stuck in bad situations don’t have to risk anything to make it in for one of Paul’s boring slide shows (Hello Google Hangouts) and employees have better morale knowing that they’re taken care of.

Today was my first time working at home with the kids here. I shoveled snow, made breakfast, took a shower and jumped online to start my work day. I guess this is what it’s like for people to go to the gym before starting their day. The kids watched TV, did some homework and played outside while trying not to kill each other. I fixed lunch and shipped them outside once again so I could get back to my reports and get my master plan in place. When they finally came back in there was one thing on their mind… A NAP. Could this day get any more perfect?

I put my headphones in and zone out while beautiful sounds of snoring came from the living room.

I admit, I miss being a stay-at-home-dad and having moments like this every day but I also appreciate them a heck of a lot more.

Losing your first tooth

Teaspoon No Tooth

When Teaspoon came home from school last night we knew the time was near.

“DADDY LOOK AT MAH TOOF! IT WIGGLES!” he says with fingers jammed in his mouth.


Kids are dirty. Boys are gross. It happens and if you’re a parent saying “not my child”, you’re either in a bubble or lying to yourself.

Shortly after dinner he went sprinting up to the bathroom and it happened. The tooth which wiggle and jiggled for over a week was finally gone and once the reality of the moment sank in, he screamed. He had a quick freak out because there was a decent amount of blood coming from his mouth and really had no idea what was going on. I cleaned his mouth out and promptly started calling/texting/tweeting/Facebooking images of that wonderful smile. Proud daddy moment when your oldest child hits a milestone.

What he said next almost made me pass out and turn white.

“Daddy, my friend at school said that for your first tooth you get $100 because that’s what he got!” Yeah, that was SO not happening here. Instead he woke up to a crisp $5 on his nightstand resting under the Dixie Cup holding his precious tooth.

I know there will be plenty knocked out from hockey, being a boy and fighting with his little brother but until then our insurance is wiping its brow at this part of life.