284. It’s a number that will stick with me for a long time and is how many days I was unemployed. I learned a lot about myself and my ability to adapt on the fly to situations life put me in as I shifted from working on the corporate grind to stay-at-home dad. I never thought the road was going to be easy but I never expected it to last as long as it did either. I’m proud to say that shortly after my last post, I interviewed for a job and started working immediately. Yes my life has been absolutely crazy since and I can’t wait to tell you soon.

I’m on my 5th revision of this post tonight. It started out as a bitch fest towards people who took advantage of me and my situation. I shook it off. Then I went off about how poorly stay at home dads are treated. I shook it off. I wrote about how poor the interviewing process is with major names in Pittsburgh and how badly some of them treat candidates. I shook it off. I considered documenting the messed up process we had to go through just to get insurance for our kids. I shook it off.

I dealt with a lot of negativity when I was home with the boys and while some may still be bottled up, I learned to discard most it. Only a few people knew how close we were to losing a lot moving away from Pittsburgh and it was overcoming these obstacles that changed how I see things. I can say with great confidence that I am a better parent than I was when I was let go last December and I’m a new person thanks to all of our friends and family.

So what now? Well since I accepted the position it feels like the floodgates opened with opportunities. Professionally, I’m at the best point of my working career. On the side I’m involved with Podcamp Pittsburgh again, Should I Drink That took a serious shift which has opened opportunities to take the show in a unique direction and personally I’m the lightest I’ve been in over 12 years and feeling awesome!

I felt like I had to get this post out of the way so I could move on with all of the stories I have to tell. OK seriously it’s because the date is Nov. 5th and was the most fitting since… you know… time travel was invented and Griff said he was tired of looking at the sausage post.

Cheers and all that good stuff.

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