Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

Boom! Boom! Acka Lacka Boom!

Boom! Boom! Acka Lacka Boom! Boom!

Walking with Dinosaurs

I don’t know if there has ever been a boy who didn’t love dinosaurs at some point in their life. They’re larger than life, ruled the world, and as my 5yr old pointed out, “Man could they poop!”. Well until that whole asteroid thing wiped them away.

Last night My father-in-law and I took Teaspoon to see Walking with Dinosaurs at the CONSOL Energy Center thanks to Lushie scoring tickets from Q92.9 FM. I’ve been trying for weeks to win tickets and of course it’s my wife’s golden touch at winning radio contests that did it.

I was sly. For 2 days I laid on the guilt with “you better be good or you won’t get your surprise” tactic to keep his butt in line. It wasn’t until we walked up to the area that he figured out what was going on.

“Daddy, nice move. I had no ideaaaaaaaOOOOOMG DINOSAAAAUUUUURRRRSSS!”

We walked in and it’s merchandise blowup. Teaspoon’s eyes bugged out and insisted he must own it all. With most items ranging $20 that wasn’t happening. We opted for unlimited popcorn and a root beer which I think was a fair trade. Bonus to the night was bumping into my buddy Val from Small Town Dad and his family. Since we share the same childhood obsessions I knew this was going to be good event.

The show is absolutely amazing. There is no other way to explain it, but I’ll try without giving any spoilers. The dinosaurs are every bit as awesome as you see in the commercials or online and they are as life-like as I can imagine. Gone are the cheesy robotics from when I was a kid and now you have a smooth moving realistic experience.

Will your kids get scared? Possibly. Teaspoon said at times it was too loud and a few younger kids did cry but for the most part I don’t see any nightmares coming from it. This isn’t Barney running around singing songs, this is as close to nature as we can imagine. The T-rex at times gave me chills especially when he came towards my section and roared.

The show runs for 2 hours and has a 20 minute intermission in between. Based on the show times there is a good chance you won’t miss any bedtimes.

The night was a huge success for us and this morning Teaspoon gave me a huge hug and said thanks for taking him.

Here are some pics I took my with camera phone. I’m also in the market for a digital camera that would be ideal in settings like this and won’t have a security guard yelling at me so feel free to send suggestions also.


Check out the gallery from the night here.

And because I can’t resist it any longer…

(Watch on YouTube)