I can’t believe you did that

Last week I made a post about deleting the website by mistake. Or was it? I had a few reasons for the post which I’ll share with you since I’ve received mixed feedback on why I did it.


Yinz are all reactionary n’at
A few years ago my podcampy friend Chris Brogan removed all of his Twitter followers to see if people would react by freaking out instead of finding out why and they didn’t let him down. Some people lost their minds even though Chris said he was doing it. The point was that on social media, instinct is to react and flip instead of finding out why something happened and checking the source (Chris, if I’m wrong let me know but that’s how I remember it *ha*).

Anyway, after a few readers told me recently they didn’t like reading a summary and then having to click “read more”, they would rather have all the content in the feed. I started to think about how my site was being consumed and started throwing around some ideas. The event in the post took place and not only wanted to share it but also have some fun.

The post was going to be 2 part. One was reading the text to tease what happened and two was finding out the details by watching the short video. I was curious if people actually read what I write or just skim and leave.

If you watched the video you would have found out that everything was fine. It always was. I was worried that the site wouldn’t come back up because this was my first site-wide blow up on production instead of a dev server but in 5 minutes it was fine. Later that night, friends on various networks asked questions about the site. So did I really delete SIDT? Yes. Did I freak out? Kinda. Was it like the video? You may never know. For a few minutes I wondered if I should even bring it back up but that’s another discussion.

Making videos with the kids
I could have let the whole situation go, add it to my log and joke with my IT friends about what happened. In fact if you ask any seasoned web guy, most will have a story about a time something similar happened. Instead I thought it would be fun to make a video with Teaspoon since I’m teaching him basic editing and how to layout video shoots. Little Thor was going to be in it but his current protest on wearing pants played a factor in limiting his role.

I appreciate all of the concern from friends as I’m on month 7 .5 of being a stay-at-home-dad and still job hunting. Don’t worry. Relax. Have a homebrew!  I know I did.

I guess I could make a batch called Overreaction Ale.