Cooking with Beer: Pale Ale and Citrus Split Chicken Breasts

Pale Ale Citrus Chicken Ingredients

When Mediterranean Baby told me at the Hoppy Hours event that she makes cooking easy, even for me to do, I thought she was crazy. I can read the side of the box and figure a lot of things out from my homebrewing experience but dishes she creates on her site look so amazing that I had to get out of my comfort zone and give it a shot.

Here is the recipe for the chicken. I would post it here but I really want you to check out everything else MB has to offer. I think you’ll dig it, n’at.

Keeping to the theme of the night we met, I decided to see if I could purchase everything from the same place. I hit the Market District in Robinson and sure enough, everything in one trip, including the Great Lakes Burning River pale ale. Final total for everything was just over $20. Could have been done cheaper but I picked up the Barry Bonds sized chicken breasts.

The recipe was easy to follow, my kitchen smelled amazing when my wife came home and I made the most succulent chicken to date. I think the Burning River was a good choice because of the citrusy Cascade hops which went well with the lemon already required in the recipe, but for my taste I’d either add more Burning River or go for a bolder/bitter hop profile found in the Lake Erie Monster or Commodore Perry IPA.

Here is what the final dish looked like. One that even my picky kids had no problem tearing into.

Pale Ale Citrus Chicken

Thanks for the recipe Mediterranean Baby!

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