Pittsburgh’s dad bloggers featured in NEXT Pittsburgh

Dad Blogger Pittsburgh
(photo by the incredibly talented Brian Cohen)

This morning has been crazy.

No, it’s been CRAZY INSANE!

I was interviewed a few weeks ago for a piece on dad bloggers in the new online publication NEXT Pittsburgh and had the photos taken last week. Honestly I figured it would be a couple weeks before this would come out… not today!

First off welcome to everyone who’s heading here for the first time. Quick bio – I’m a stay at home dad to my 2 boys. I’m a recently laid off social media/community manage/web guy/jack-of-all-trades marketing and IT fella. I’m a home brewer, a home owner, a husband and I have a podcast. My blog is general but more family focused recently since I’m a dad 24×7. I also talk about craft beer, social media, people being jagoffs and reviewing fast food. Why? I’m a dad on the fly. I don’t have time to sit down at a restaurant. The name of the blog came from my love for Pittsburghese and since I’m not native to the area, I get a kick out of it. Also, if you know the guys in the banner image, you get bonus points.

Secondly, OHMYLORDMYEMAILTWEETSFACEBOOKGOOGLEPLUSISEXPLODING from people wanting to know more about me, the other very talented fathers in the article and what it is I really do. I’ve been asked to be on AwesomeCast tonight so tune in for that.

Third n’at, I have about 5 posts I need to sit down and pound out. My main creative time for anything not involving changing diapers, breaking up fights, cleaning, laundry, washing dishes, cooking and getting the kids to bed is roughly 9pm until whenever. Last night I was up until 2am and back up at 6:30am. I’ve recently taken a liking to this thing called Starbucks. Quite amazing.

Thanks for everyone for the support and again, welcome to yinz new people. There’s an email subscribe button to the right and also an RSS link for your reader.

If you’re a local dad with a blog and would like to get in touch with other dads, shoot me a message.

cheers n’at!

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