Pittsburgh’s 2014 St. Patrick’s Day celebration

BTTF Delorian Pgh Parade

The only way this day could have happened was with everything in the universe being aligned. Not only did my family go out of town but it was St Patrick’s Day parade weekend.

If you’re thinking this ended in a glorious night of drunken debauchery, well, not really. Wait, I just lost you didn’t I? Ummmm ummmmm I was all painted green running down Carson street and getting all WOOOOOOOO with some dudebros and… and… yeah I got nothing.

You’d think it would with a stay-at-home-dad set free on the world for the first time in months and on the biggest party weekend but reality is I stayed pretty mellow, spent some time with friends and flew solo for a bit.

First off was the parade in downtown Pittsburgh. I can say that it has been 10 years since I ventured to town for the parade and a lot has changed from the days when we’d meet my mom, dad and bro in market square for beers and cigars. Now Market Square has family friendly times, camping out in front of the William Penn is best for dealing with families and the Boulevard of the Allies is for the tailgaters.

Highlight, besides catching up with Dudders and Ginger on the Blvd, was the random ticket I scored for the Pittsburgh Power arena football game later that afternoon.

Lunch – Proper Brick Oven and Tap Room
I jumped between overcrowded bars praying to find someplace to eat and finally have a beer. Skies opened and the craft beer gods shined on Proper. I’ll have a full review coming up on “Should I Drink That?” but a quick review – They make their own bacon, DAMN GOOD BACON! Plenty of taps featuring some hard to find local beers and pizza that was downright sinful. I also got to enjoy it with the Crappies 🙂

Pittsburgh Power Arena Football
I’m still trying to figure out the rules to this game but for my first experience I loved it and MUST take Teaspoon to a game soon. Even better, free ticket scored me THIS SEAT!  Yeah not bad at all.

I was starting to get in a funk, kinda been in one for a while but something hit during the game and instead of hanging around for a concert later that night I decided to call it a day and catch the T home. I put out on Twitter I was looking to do something closer to home and that’s when social media came through and my bud Eamon said we had to meet up at a South Hills establishment I’ve passed many times but never again.

I think this is my new favorite place to go when I need to unwind. 1) Their scotch eggs are the best I’ve had in the city 2) They have Sweet Baby Jesus on tab 3) Everything we had that night was excellent. It felt like I was back at Jimmy Z’s in Wesleyville. Very friendly staff and none of the obnoxious falling down wrecks from the parade. Mixed with the regulars getting their green on it was a much needed break from the usual picking Cheerios and gummies out of my hair while one kid beats up the other.

Great time capped off with Sunday breakfast with the Sorg’s and Dudders at the Original Pancake House. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect weekend and that’s probably why it did happen. I didn’t plan it, I just went with the flow and that’s a major change from my structured stay-at-home-dad days.

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