Father Spoon gives his son chew

Father Son Big League Chew

I grew up on Big League Chew. Running around the fields of Erie in the late 80’s/early 90’s, everyone wanted to look like the pros and the only way for pre-teens to do that was with a wad of Big League Chew in their mouth.

Kids today can’t appreciate the tobacco stained jerseys and displays of manliness from the likes of Lenny Dykstra, John Kruk, Bill Landrom and Tony Pena. That’s not a bad thing but whenever we watch Rookie of the Year or The Sandlot my oldest will ask me repeatedly why everyone is spitting. During those days we would do anything to look like them and BLC was the stuff.

When I showed Teaspoon the pack and started to tell him stories about the gum he stopped me and asked “Well what do you do with it? With gum?”  I looked at my wife and she snickered and told me she hasn’t given either of our boys bubble gum yet.


I showed him how to grab a pinch and put it in his mouth. As I explained all you do is chew it, he looked at me and *GULP*.

He swallowed it.

I told him that you can’t swallow it or you’ll blow bubbles out your butt like a frog. Though he has never seen that happen he trusts that Daddy knows best. Wise choice.

(watch on youtube)

I showed him again and this time I started blowing bubbles with it. Well both kids ran up trying to figure out what I was doing while laughing so hard I think they peed on the fly.

Since then I’ve showed Teaspoon that gum comes in different flavors, shapes and sizes. I will say that I think the packs of Big League Chew are significantly smaller from when I was growing up but the rockin flavor is still the same.

This  was one of those moments in parenting where I realized my kids have been missing out on a treat I’ve had as long as I remember and that I need to make it a point to share more memories from when I was growing up .

Can’t wait for the day when I have to explain Jim Leyland to him 🙂

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