Revenge of Maxine

Have you met Maxine? If you’ve watched Hallmark commercials over the last 25 years you’re sure to have seen her.  The figure in this image has been a staple in my wife’s gram’s house for years and late at night the thing always freaked me out.

She found her home in the corner of a bathroom or in a dimly lit kitchen when I would fumble around in the middle of the night and she would scare the hell out of me. Middle of the day I would get sent to a room to pick something up and *BOOM* Maxine was there. After a while I was sure that she was some creepy doll following me just waiting to say something.

Now she’s here… in my kitchen… and of course the first night I see her was after I had a late night.

I don’t know how long Maxine will last in our house but I’m sure of one thing, I’d hate to be the first person that walks into my kitchen half asleep and meets my new house guest.