Erie is WalMart happy

Anytime my hometown makes me do a *facepalm* I need to talk about it. Not saying we don’t do enough stupid things down here but you know… its home.

It’s no secret that WalMart loves the Erie area and I guess the people of Erie love it back. That would be the only reason why WalMart is now constructing a new $40 million Super WalMart less than 1/2 mile down the road from a current one. Shocked? Don’t be. A few years ago they did the same thing on Upper Peach in Erie.

According to the location will be 1/2 between Millfair and the Wegman’s driveway. Well that leaves a lot of land so thankfully the folks at have a more precise location. One that is right by the lovely The Cab bar. Wouldn’t shock me to see WalMart buy it and level it so they can keep their clean wholesome image *cough cough*.

I just don’t get it. Just about every WalMart in Erie is a Super WalMart except this one. The current building is next to a Wegman’s (which if you haven’t been to one is a fantastic grocery store) and since the zoning wouldn’t allow expansion to give them competition, because god forbid there is upscale shopping anywhere, Walmart is going to abandon yet another huge storefront and build a new one.

Before WalMart does this they should be required to find a tenant for the previous location that isn’t a Spirit Halloween or some fly by night Christmas store.