Fast Food Friday: Burger King California Whopper

I am looking California but feeling Minnesota…

After I mentioned the Whopper in Dave’s Hot & Juicy I received a few emails asking me about the Burger King California Whopper because lets face it, I hate when people mess with my favorite fast food burger.

Commercial description: With the new California WHOPPER® Sandwich, the full-taste flavors of guacamole, swiss cheese and bacon collide! A ¼ pound of Flame-broiled beef topped with ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce, guacamole, crispy bacon, melted Swiss cheese and creamy mayo all on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Nutritional facts: 820 calories | 18g sat. fat | 110mg cholesterol | 8g sugar | 50g carbs | 56g fat | 1g trans fat | 38g protein | 1400mg sodium
Drink: Dr. Pepper is king
Fries: dry, little flavor, barely any salt
Burger: meat seems thinner and the toppings are like biting into a balloon of guac and mayo
Price: $8.12 (medium sized with drink)

Watching the new commercials for Burger King you’d think they are working on a fresh and healthier new menu. Most east coast thoughts of Cali is that its a magical land filled with beautiful healthy people bouncing around on the beach all day and singing show tunes. Just because you put guacamole on something doesn’t mean its healthier, maybe more attractive but not better for you. It has bacon somewhere in it. I think. The only reason why I knew it was present is because I cut it in half but when you bite into this bastardized Whopper its nothing more than an ooze fest of guac and mayo.

Is it worth it? Well for the price I’d say pass and honestly I’m waiting to come down from being wired and take a nap so this may be the only meal you need for quite a few hours. I do feel kinda like this guy.