Weather Channel declares war on Pittsburgh snow

Renegades mount up!

Pittsburgh was bitchslapped by a winter blast yesterday and into the morning. Unlike previous storms roads were… who am I kidding. Roads sucked, people drove like jagoffs and it was mass hysteria. Its 12:30am and few of us have seen a plow even thought it started snowing 10 hours ago. Took me 2 hours to get home tonight and mmmm yeah the city is in a state of suck right now.

Things I saw that lead to some of the chaos

  • if you drive a sports car keep it home. You don’t have snow tires and spinning out up a hill is inevitable
  • because you drive and SUV or truck doesn’t mean you can do 60 in a 35. Well it does but you’re sliding as much as us
  • if you stay in your lane traffic would be a lot faster
  • stop racing plows
  • stop honking. no one is moving for you and the sound interrupts my Pearl Jam. this makes me stabby.

We’ll be melted out within 24 hours so sit tight tomorrow if you’re lucky enough for a delay. Be smart people, you’re not that important where your need to be somewhere trumps safety.

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