Happy 2nd birthday Teaspoon

My oldest turns 2 years old &  my youngest hits 2 months today.

With all of the hardship that happened on Teaspoon’s birth and his time in the NICU I’m blessed to have a healthy and happy son today.

Enjoy your pass to be a maniac, tomorrow I go back to laying down the law 🙂

Here are pics from his birthday party over the weekend at the Toy Lending Library

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Teaspoon’s first haircut

Yesterday I took Teaspoon for his first ever haircut to get him ready for his 2nd birthday this weekend. Since the kid was pretty much bald until almost 1 I figured that he would have been a bit more relaxed once this day came. Yeah, that didn’t happen. In fact he was fine until the throw was snapped in place. Not even Elmo could save this day. There was a bright side to his 5 minute meltdown, the stylist gave me an envelope with his hair clippings in it. Oh buddy we have many more of these to come.

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Weather Channel declares war on Pittsburgh snow

Renegades mount up!

Pittsburgh was bitchslapped by a winter blast yesterday and into the morning. Unlike previous storms roads were… who am I kidding. Roads sucked, people drove like jagoffs and it was mass hysteria. Its 12:30am and few of us have seen a plow even thought it started snowing 10 hours ago. Took me 2 hours to get home tonight and mmmm yeah the city is in a state of suck right now.

Things I saw that lead to some of the chaos

  • if you drive a sports car keep it home. You don’t have snow tires and spinning out up a hill is inevitable
  • because you drive and SUV or truck doesn’t mean you can do 60 in a 35. Well it does but you’re sliding as much as us
  • if you stay in your lane traffic would be a lot faster
  • stop racing plows
  • stop honking. no one is moving for you and the sound interrupts my Pearl Jam. this makes me stabby.

We’ll be melted out within 24 hours so sit tight tomorrow if you’re lucky enough for a delay. Be smart people, you’re not that important where your need to be somewhere trumps safety.

Birthday Week Day 7 – and God created Awesome

OK now it’s official. I’m in the next age group for just about every survey until I’m *glup* 50.

I woke up to Teaspoon curled next to me. He rolled over and cracked me in the face.

Mom called this morning and I learned that she was induced on this day because her doctor wanted to see me born before his vacation that Monday. She was 42 so in the 70’s this was a big deal. I hope he enjoyed the trip. They probably gave me a smoke and shot of whiskey when I came out.

My brother was 17 when I was born and I was baptized on his 18th birthday the following month. You think he’s let me live that down? hell no.

I don’t remember my 5th birthday but I bet all of my aunts, uncles and cousins were drinking Old Milwaukee pounders.

I remember my 10th birthday because it was at the YMCA indoor pool in Harborcreek and we had ice cream cake. I think we tried to drown someone.

I remember my 15th birthday because.. wait, I dont. I had braces so I was probably traumatized.

I don’t remember my 20th birthday. I’m sure it involved me and The Shaggy Dog saloon in Erie where I was already a regular for a year. Did you catch that?

I remember my 25th birthday because it was at the Deckhouse in Cranberry and we came back to the Bordello of Booze for a night of beer pong. That night was a marathon of endurance.

I remember my surprise 30th birthday at John Harvard’s in Monreoville with my new(er) bride, close friends and family.

I’ll always remember my 35th birthday because I’m spending it at home with my wife and 2 boys. The greatest gifts I have ever received.

Birthday Week Day 6 – workin the crowd

I’ve had reservations about turning 35 tomorrow but last night while working the hockey games I had 2 middle aged ladies ask me if I was a senior in college or a grad student.  Since I’m about 10-12 years older than the traditional one I just smiled and said I was flattered.

Today I got to sleep in until 7am (*ha*) and after everyone had their mid Sunday morning nap we took the kids to the playground in the mall. While there Teaspoon was running around like a mad man and playing with just about every kid there. On one trip down a popular slide he biffed it and came down backwards. A little blonde girl came over and helped him up and then ran around with him.

I have a long road of him breaking hearts and dad’s pounding on my door in front of me