Boston Store timewarp

I was having fun with Photoshop over lunch and made this. I’ve seen the pics from Germany that others have done like this and I was always curious how my hometown of Erie has changed. Maybe I’ll make this a summer project and see how it goes.  That’s an image from Google I found and current Google Maps imagery when I do a street view. If I go further I’d absolutely spend more time on the photoshop and take my own pics.

I’m a sucker for history, especially places that I have and currently live in. Whenever I’m in the local bookstores I pick up the small publications on each of the Pittsburgh neighborhoods to see what life was like before I moved here.

Last night I found a box of old books about Erie (Lost Erie, Baseball in Erie and a few others) while working on my basement and since I’m on a genealogy kick I figured eh, why not.