That was a nice vacation

I left work on December 23rd at 1:45pm and haven’t been back since. That’s 25 days and amazingly I only used 9 days of PTO. Honestly we couldn’t have planned out this pregnancy any better to be off. Having kiddo #2 in the house has been a challenge and I don’t think we would have been able to do it during any other season.

Baby O is doing great! He’s now 20 days old and pushing 7 pounds. Teaspoon has been an absolute monster with jealousy and confused because I’ve been home for so long. The house must be upset with me because we’ve had an electrician and a furnace guy out here for repairs and not the toilet is leaking.  I can never say that its boring around here or nothing is going on.

There is a weird parallel with Teaspoon’s birth here also. I was also off (laid off) for 5 days before he was born. In both instances I had big dreams of work around the house I wanted to get done. In both cases that never happened.

That may actually change today.

Lushie spent 2 hours working on our basement yesterday to start cleaning up Christmas decorations and going through moving boxes. For 2 hours I plan on tackling that also so we can make room for the outdoor toys that are in boxes and start consolidating moving crap. Like my father I threw out nothing but now I have to for my own sanity. My dad passed 4 years ago and my mom is still going through his mess. I need to streamline my junk so a) I know where everything is b) let go of the junk that doesn’t work. I could SO be a hoarder but an organized one.

We’re starting to get a sleep schedule down now which really doesn’t involve much sleep but at least we have a plan in place. I’m also a snow shoveling addict, as apparent last year, so I’m sore in a lot of places but it was worth it to get outside for an hour to spend to myself with Pandora blasting in my ears.

I’m actually anxious to get back to work. I need to be around people who don’t know who Dino Dan is for a bit and also get going on a shit ton of social media ideas I came up with.

*yawn* but first maybe I’ll take just ONE more nap.

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