Bringing home the silver

It was just announced that I, along with a co-worker, won a Silver Accolade Award from Council for the Advancement & Support of Education (CASE), District II. The award is for the work we did on the Walking Tour of Downtown Pittsburgh which is available for download in 10 different languages and featured on

I’ve won awards in the past but this is the first for work that wasn’t given from the place I’ve been employed from or from a charity so needless to say I’m pretty stoked.

The tours were the first assignment I had when I was hired so I have a soft spot for them. They are downloadable as mp3’s and, having tested myself, go along great with the walk. I’d like to think of what we could do next with them though.

This is another one of those things on my “ok, what can we do next with it” list.

thoughts from the crazy faux beard guy at 2am

I don’t go back to work for 10 days still and to say I’m going stir crazy is putting it mildly. While I’m sitting in my chair in the wee hours of the morning rocking back and forth mumbling to myself, I have had a lot of time to think about what to do next.

I haven’t shaved since I went on holiday break. I haven’t been able to grow one for more than a month without something coming up so I have to get it ready for the NHL playoffs.

I’m anxious to work on the basement still. Currently its occupied with too much Christmas throw up that needs to be boxed up. Then there is all of the crap Capt. Obvious left behind when we bought the house from him. I can’t wait to see my floor again.

Sickpuppy bought me a homebrewing kit as a housewarming gift last year. Its still sitting in the box since I don’t have room to use it yet. This spring I’m putting it to use.

The other night I came up with ideas for 2 web series I’d like to get started and a mini documentary that I’ve been floating around for awhile. I’m not sure how much podcasting in 2011 will be done with all I have going on so hey why not add on more to that load.

I need sleep. Teaspoon will be up in a few hours and we get to start everything all over again.