Man v Food – Lucky’s is Primanti’s doppelganger

My wife and I just recently got into watching Man vs Food hosted by Adam Richman on the Travel channel. I heard of the show a couple years ago when he was in town shooting a Pittsburgh episode and did his food challenge at Quaker Steak by eating Atomic Wings (I can’t believe that was the best he could find here. Its way over hyped). The premise of the show is Adam goes to a city, eats at 3 places and then does a food challenge which is usually eating an obscene amount of food or something that would make your ass pucker. Its almost like a wonder twin version of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives but the appeal comes from the host. Adam is the kinda guy you could watch a game with and have a dog & a beer.  Basically he’s a food version of Should I Drink That.

Last night we watched the Chicago episode which he had some deep dish, yada yada yada and… a Lucky’s overstuffed sandwhich?

Wait a second. Bread, tomato, cole slaw, fries, cheese and meat…That looks REALLY familiar.

Hey, it’s Pittsburgh’s own Primanti sandwich!

Yes I know that these are probably imitated all over the country, it happens, but the fact that not only was it featured on Man vs Food: Chicago but ALSO on Man vs Food: Pittsburgh! You mean to tell me that someone, especially Adam, didn’t say “I think I’ve had this before.” when he was at either place (whichever aired second).  Almost beats the joints in Erie that sell “Pre-manny style sandwiches”. Oh wait it gets better, the menu and vibe of Lucky’s is damn near the same as Primanti’s! If you watch the episode and look at the menu on the wall it’s creepy similar.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more bizarro world on me, enter THIS guy

Dude is wearing a Pirates cap! Not only did they rip off the food but there’s a guy pimping the Buccos. if you check the interwebz you’ll see this episode came out a while ago and people have been bitching ever since. Whatever the reason if you get the chance try out both places and make your own judgement. If I ever get to Chicago on a beer tour I’ll make sure to stop here.

Onto the challenge. Adam has to eat 3 sandwiches in 1 hour. The feat originated when some drunk dude (probably the guy in the hat above) came in loaded on cheap beer and downed 3 in one sitting. Adam did this in 25 minutes. Yeah, 25. This is no challenge and in fact next time I go to Primanti’s I’m going to see what its like there. I’ll ask sickpuppy to bring the camera along.

One last thing – Primanti’s (founded 1930’s) > Lucky’s (founded 2004)

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21 Replies to “Man v Food – Lucky’s is Primanti’s doppelganger”

  1. I can’t believe the producers of this show were stupid enough to have Lucky’s. When Ed and I watched it, we thought maybe they did Lucky’s first, then discovered that they were a sorry knockoff of Primanti’s and then did them too. Maybe? Or they just suck.

    As for The Lube – I have seen him wear his Lube shirt when doing wing challenges in other cities, which is kind of cool. I used to really love The Lube back in college, when it was still an old, dirty gas station. Every Tuesday was red-finger night (free pistachios), and the beer was cold & the wings were good. I think they have declined since become so commercial.

  2. I was also puzzled by the Quaker Steak choice. Did their researchers not hear about The O?
    That Lucky’s sandwich is some bullcrap. Primanti’s 4 Life!

  3. According to THE WIKIPEDIA Pittsburgh was first –

    Oh YES he needs to eat a full order of O cheese fries. I haven’t been there in over 10 years for fries but what I remember they were HUGE.

    Quaker Steak is hit or miss. I do love the ranch wings there. Lushie worked at the Erie one when we lived there in the 90’s so she knows how to make all of the staples sauces they have.

    I always thought Fat Heads would come up with a super sammich if anyone did around here.

  4. The guy wearing the bucs hat was also wearing a Dan Marino Pitt jersey when they show a picture of him doing the challenge

  5. Adam needs to come back to Pittsburgh with man vs food nation and go to4 places:
    1 to primantis so he can apologize to them for going to luckys in Chicago.
    2 Pamela pg diner
    3 FatHeads
    4 the O

  6. Ohhh booo hooo they copied my sandwich from loserburg, get a life other than complaining about a restaurant thats half way across the country. Fucking clowns! remember when the packers beat you to win the super bowl? Laaaaaater steelers!

  7. 1) Lucky’s to Primanti’s is 460 miles away. Hardly half way across the country.
    2) What does football have to do with this? Dude is wearing a Pirates hat.
    3) Since you brought yup championships, I’ll oblige. Pittsburgh has 6 Super Bowl titles, 3 Stanley Cup titles and 5 World Series titles ranks higher on most livable city and every other category that doesn’t involve “frozen hell”.
    4) What does Green Bay have besides pneumonia, crappy beer and cheese?

  8. I just saw this Man V Food episode for the first time about three years late!

    I could not believe the blatant Primanti ripoff until I saw the co-owner’s name!

    Drumroll … Mr. Fezcko was born/raised in … PITTSBURGH! I went to school with him!


  9. I had a few people email me saying that he got permission to make the sandwiches which hey, whatever, that’s fine. What I cant believe is that in all of Chicago they feature a sandwich they already had on.

    I still havent found anyone who’s tried his and a Primanti’s to compare

  10. The O recently changed their fries, no longer the bag o’ grease they used to give out, kinda not the same anymore miss the old ones. I think most pittsburghers had a problem with the lack of credit they gave to Primanti’s I heard the owner of lucky’s originally made up a bogus story about creating the sandwhich which I understand getting pissed about, but it has since been edited out by the food channel for re-runs.

  11. The Sharon Lube, (the original) is still pretty awesome, which sounds like the one you’re describing. The branches don’t seem as good to me but that might just be me being partial from growing up near Sharon. I know the Oakland branch also doesn’t do wing night which is kinda weak.

  12. I’ve lived here for 15 years and don’t think I’ve had O fries in 13. Once I left Oakland i never thought about going back. Spent many a night there though when I lived in Oakland.

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