Home Depot makes me buy local and visiting the Pittsburgh Public Market

This past weekend was the first time in over a month that I was able to spend a weekend with Lushie and Teaspoon without having any other commitments. Felt kinda weird actually knowing that I didn’t have any impending deadlines to spend more time huddled around a laptop with . I finished up my final for a Flash/Actionscript class I was taking around 9pm on Friday and for the first time felt lost. I wasn’t sure what to do next.

Saturday we came up with a plan, we need new carpeting for Teaspoon’s room and for the nursery. We hit my go to store of Home Depot and wait… and wait… ask for help and wait… and wait… Three workers looked right at us and walked away. I finally get this lady’s attention and show her my measurements of the walls in the rooms. We find a sample we like and she quotes me $860 (incl install and delivery). We’re feeling fairly confident that this is the way we’ll go and before we leave we want to find a gate door for our railing so we can cage Teaspoon in. We’re told to go to gardening and they can help us. We wait, and wait, and wait and finally realize that there are 8 other customers roaming around doing the same. 15 minutes later I found a stock girl and ask her about the gate door which apparently was a HUGE inconvenience since she huff and puffed the whole time. We go to the area where fencing is to find out they sell everything BUT the door! Asked where we could look for one and she says “i dunno, but we don’t have it” then she walks away! Irritation level was at an all-time high so we leave and Lushie is hell bent not to buy our carpeting there. Don’t even mention Lowes because that place is even worse.

On our way home we pass Remnant City and it was like the heavens parted. Not only did we find carpet we liked BUT they also said Home Depot’s measurements of yardage we needed was way off (she showed me the math) and they were going to save us $300. Sold!  I’ll let you know when its installed.

As if that wasnt exhausting enough Teaspoon was sleeping in the backseat so we went for a drive to Bloomfield. Hoping to catch some Italian days we ended up passing on it when navigating through Bloomfield was impossible. It was the first time I had people walking into my car while driving on a major road.  Food smelled good though!

When in doubt on what to do in Pittsburgh, go to the Strip. I’ve been itching to try the new Pittsburgh Public Market since it was first announced they were opening. Its in an area of the Strip that was once occupied by Good Apples (yeah, that was weird walking in and not seeing Griff there) and has been transformed into a market area with vendors from around the area showcasing foods and arts. To be fair we got there around 3:30 and most things were already picked over but I can see the potential of the place if you get there early enough. Don’t bring a stroller though because there are so many people its tough to navigate.

Fact remained we were still hungry and thats when I zeroed in on Rowdy BBQ. In fact as soon as we crossed the threshold to the market I could smell BBQ. I think its a natural reaction, if there is BBQ present I’ll find it. We had passed their store on 51 twice that day while carpet shopping so I knew this was a sign. Be still my heart as right next to it was Gosia’s Pierogies. I got the pulled pork and Lushie got the pierogies for a family buffet at a small hightop table. If you need any reason to come to this place its these 2 dishes. The bbq was some of the best I’ve had in years and the pierogies were melting like buttah… in buttah.

Now here’s the kicker, soon you’ll be able to get your growlers filled by East End Brewing. That’s right Scott Smith is in the process of bringing his delicious craft beer down to the market. Guys, while the ladies shop you can get BBQ, pierogies AND CRAFT BEER!  This could turn into one of the greatest places ever.

I took 3 pics with my crackberry

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