What’s next

As the last post kinda hinted I’m taking a breather and for the record the show is not over by any means no matter what you may hear on the internets. Both of us have a lot of things going on in our lives so we decided on no more fests for a bit. If you do see one of us at one its because in the almost 5 years we’ve done the show we haven’t been able to enjoy a fest without working it so. We’ll be at a few smaller ones this fall but as fans, no recorders in hand (this doesn’t mean we won’t pimp your fest if you ask). Also after this show is released we’re going to try a new format. We’re going try a few things that fit our schedule for now and in between I’m going to focus more on my writing and filming . We haven’t left the formula for almost 5 years so for us creatively we were getting bored.

If it works out it could be great for us and if the fans hate it then we’ll figure something out. You’ll still get your main show but now there will be smaller personal reviews. (Jesus, this actually sounds like more work as I type it). I’m working on the new Studio B at my new house and we’re in the process of upgrading equipment (I LOVE our HD camera already). Come to think of it, this is more like in between seasons of a TV show but for us Season 1 was 4 years long and the off time wont be spent on a beach, it’ll be in Pittsburgh.

SIDT has grown into its own beast and like anything else you start, you need to grow with it and not act against it. If you want to know specifics you can come to the 11am session at Podcamp Pittsburgh I’ll be a panel on called “We’re Still Here: How to Keep Your Podcast Kicking.”

Is it jumping the shark? Christ I hope not but if it is I’m SO buying a leather jacket and going water skiing.