teaspoon’s upgrade

Someone got a new bed that daddy put together. The crib is gone and now my little guy is up to a toddler bed. We weren’t sure if this was the next step since he just hit 18mo but the doc told us if he won’t sleep in his crib and he can make it on/off our bed to go for it. He’s at an idea weight and obviously has the skills to do it so why not.

Within 1 minute of showing him his new bed he was running around like a madman. He was able to get on and off his bed with zero problems and would do laps around the room screaming “aye aye aye aye aye aye”. The excitement in his face was something I have never seen before and you could tell he was so proud. I had the biggest smirk on my face as I saw baby turn into a little boy.

Here are a couple before and after. His crib will be used for the new baby and is over in the nursery.

(click to enlarge)

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