Grounds for divorce


You see that screen… that was the present Lushie gave me. It was the ripping out of my souuuuullllll! *UUGGGHH*  KHAAAAAANNNNN!

Our Starz/Encore package is gone because she wanted HBO/Cinemax to watch True Blood (and eventually Big Love). The problem? Encore is in the middle of a Back to the Future trilogy/That Thing You Do twin bill that comes around every few months. Since it’s Encore you can count on these being shown 5 times a day and yes, I watch them every single time they’re on. Doesn’t matter if I ever own these movies, if they’re on, I’ll watch. Yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with watching Marty, Doc and The Wonders.

Lushie thinks I need to seek help, I think she doesn’t appreciate the classics. First off, if you don’t appreciate Back to the Future you’re un-american. You’re a commie. This movie will stand the test of time as not only a great family movie but a fantastic guy flick. It has a sweet car, hot ladies, fights and everyone’s wish to time travel but the whole seeing our parents as youth is creepy. For the fam it has a love story, the soulful lyrics of Huey Lewis and how you can make your own future. It’s inspirational! Teaspoon LOVES watching this with daddy and every time he’s fascinated. You can be whatever and whomever you want.  See… its educational.

That Thing You Do is more of an Erie thing that I have ties to. First off it was filmed in Erie during the 90’s close to where I lived. Actually close to where everyone lived because honestly Erie isn’t THAT big. I can get from one end of town to the other in 10-15 minutes max. Secondly, I was working at Tinseltown when the movie debuted and all of the stars were coming to the theater. I spent a solid month at first annoyed hearing the music from the movie to gaining an obsessions. You get subjected to a movie 5 times a day 5-6 days a week eventually you start to lose it. It would be a good 8 years before I finally watched it again and the obsession started all over.  We’re pretty crazy in Erie, Penn 🙂  BTW, my fantasy football team is Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.

What should I do now? I could get the movies on DVD but why, it’s not the same. I have a few movies already that I never watch but if they come on TV I can’t turn them off. Universities should spend some time studying this instead of why people get angry when punched in the face. *sigh* I think I need a moment to mourn this loss.

HBO, help a brother out… how about a marathon.