Ian Snell go away

(from a May 16th, 2007 post I made)

I thought about posting on the whole Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson double header death yesterday or even the fact that today is Lushie’s birthday. Instead I’m focusing on an article I read this morning that has me furious. Ian Snell… grow up.

From today’s Post Gazette – “In a bizarre 24 hours for the Pirates’ enigmatic starting pitcher, Snell approached management late Wednesday to request a demotion to Class AAA Indianapolis because of “too much negativity” in Pittsburgh about his performance, specifically from the fans, media and even independent bloggers.”

Before I rant let me point you to Ian’s stats this year – Won 2 Lost 8 with a 5.36 ERA. He’s in the 2nd year of a 3yr 8.6Mil deal. Ian has, in 6 seasons, posted ONE winning season. He has a lifetime ERA of 4.75.

Ian, you whiny spoiled brat. You have been given the gift that millions of boys wish for when they pick up their first baseball. You get to make a living as a Major League ballplayer. To blame the FANS, you know the people whom your employer wouldn’t have a business without, for your emotional state is not only an insult to myself and other Pirate fans but shows your immaturity and lack of respect. Face the facts,you are not a good ballplayer. If I was to perform well below average with my employer and then put blame publicly on our customers I would get fired. I wouldn’t get sent out for rehab or to have sunshine blown up my butt, I would be fired. Count your lucky stars that you are even in the organization.

You complained in 2007 and you’re doing it now in 2009 about “negativity”. You are a professional athlete. If you cant take being a public figure then turn in your glove now and find someone who’s willing to give you a hug and tell you the bad man will go away. You are in Pittsburgh. We are a city and fan base of bust your ass and suck it up to get the job done workers. When a business fails for 16 consecutive years you have NO room, ZERO, ZILCH, to place blame on anyone but yourself.

I’m done with you Ian. Do me and the Pirate fans a favor. Leave. Your contract is being wasted on your five cent head when it could be used for players who don’t make excuses and want to be here.