My First Father’s Day

I have to give Teaspoon credit, he has good taste in presents and I made  out for my first Father’s Day. My day started with sleeping in until 8am (if you’re a parent you can appreciate more than 4 straight hours of sleep with a newborn) and waking up to a little man popping me in the face with his fist. Teaspoon and Lushie handed me a bag with the above contents inside. Pearl Jam “Black” t-shirt and Gorge box set CD’s along with The Price Is Right and MLB 2K9 video games for the Wii. Out of everything it is the card is what I will treasure forever. Lushie managed to get him to squawk for a few seconds and capture it on one of those recordable cards.

Teaspoon and I spent the day watching the US Open on the couch while flipping between the Bill Murray marathon on AMCHD. My problem with the marathon is they wasted time with showing the bomb of Ghostbusters 2 when Groundhog Day would have been more fitting. The day ended with this feast Lushie prepared…

2lb Ribeye steak with baby bella mushroom, asparagus, mashed taters with carrots and a side of shrimp cocktail. Oh yeah, ate like a rockstar. You can see the rest of the pictures over at my Flickr gallery. Thanks Teaspoon and Lushie for making me the world’s luckiest dad! I can get use to this every year 🙂