NHL Awards is a joke in yo town

so git up and git git git down


What the bloody hell was that last night? Seriously NHL. Last night’s awards show was not only a suckubus but an insult to hockey fans. I wasn’t expecting the greatest and best awards show of all time but last night was more of “wtf is THIS?”.  It was the public access of awards shows. As I posted on twitter last night… “NHL Awards is on VS cuz not enough strippers for Fox, too french for ABC, too many big screens for NBC & CBS really wants you to see NCIS”

First off the awards. I think Ovechkin gets more credit than he deserves. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player but when you have 528 shots and only record 110 points that shows to me that you’re a spaz who can’t pass.  If Happy Gilmore had that many shots he would score too. Meanwhile Evgeni Malkin has 112 points on 290 shots and lead his team from a 10th seed on 2/5 to the 4th seed less than 2 months later. Do the math. That is the sign of Most Valuable Player. Someone was snubbed as MVP. I know the award doesn’t have to do with playoff performance but getting your team there does. Geno was all around a better player.

Secondly, someone new to the game has NO idea what these awards are about. A montage of the award and maybe a picture of it would help over a scaled down version and hack Hollywood presenters.

Now for the entertainment. Whomever hired Chaka Kahn should be shown the door. Not once but TWICE we had to put up with her bad American Idol performance. The look on the faces of the crowd explained it all as a collective “WTF” was shown.

Dear NHL, the RedWings and Pens gave you a gift with one of the highest rated cup finals of all time and you failed on capitalizing on the momentum. This isn’t a foo foo la la cute and cuddle me sport. Its fast paced, tough and gritty. It’s metal, not washed up 80’s pop. Fix it.

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