Ark needed in Pittsburgh

flood pittsburghThere were rumors for days that a huge storm was coming our way but I honestly don’t think anyone took it serious. Then there is myself (and Uncle Crappy I found out from this post) who loves severe weather. Part of this stems for me from growing up in Erie, PA where you will experience 4 seasons in one day. I know people exaggerate in Pittsburgh about the phenom but it is true up on the lake. I saw it. When you think about it what else do we have to do besides obsess about weather and gas prices?

On Wednesday Pittsburgh was slammed by a couple of storms which brought on flooding, high winds, hail and mass hysteria. The areas of Westmoreland County, Turtle Creek, Forest Hills, East Pittsburgh and parts of Monroeville were hit the hardest. Friends of mine in the areas all reported minimal damage with one having 4 inches of rain in his sun room. As a weather geek this was the super bowl for our area. I watched KDKA’s coverage for 4 hours. You’re reading that correctly, I watched a Doppler for 4 hours… in HD! Oh yeah buddy!

Floods and I have a history together. When I lived in Bellevue we had massive flooding in 2004 and 05 due to hurricanes with he last basement bath coming in 2007 shortly after we moved to our new residence. This one was due to sewage lines and not flood waters which turned out was a blessing.  The cleanup sucked and we lost around 10k in personal belongings but found out that our insurance didn’t cover natural flooding. If you are a renter you’re basically screwed when mother nature comes calling. I called my insurance agent and got the “good farking luck” speech.

Back to watching the news, I did find some humor in the clip that showed a Bellevue cop scolding a resident for driving through the flood waters which almost swept her car away. Why is it funny? She’s the drunk girlfriend of our old neighbor who stole the backhoe to go grocery shopping and put a non-working toilet on his porch. See why I miss Bellevue. It’s the people.

Weather report for Friday is more rain so Lushie and I are getting our basement ready just in case. Most of what we own are in plastic storage bins but it’s my electronics I worry about. Do you know how many years of dumpster diving it took me to collect this stuff! Though I don’t think Lushie would mind if some of these computers were tossed.

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