The Clarks – Restless Days


We’ve all been there. You have a secret that you’re dying to share and know you can’t. That has been the last few weeks for me and this CD. Biting my lip and wrapping my head in duct tape is the best way to explain it. Restless Days is the latest release from Pittsburgh’s 20yr+ rock veterans and (I’m not just saying this because it was just released or that I may or may not help out on the site since 2002) is hands down my favorite of their whole collection. Here’s my quick review:

  1. “True Believer” starts out rockin that you will find your head boppin and body bouncin.
  2. “Inside” does a great job keeping up the pace from “True Believer” and takes you on a 2:53 auditory adventure.
  3. “Trampoline” has some of the most memorable one liners that you’ll find yourself singing during the day while you’re working… “I was never your lover and I’m not your trampoline. Never your lover and I’m not your trampoline”  See, Now it’s in your head.  You’re welcome.
  4. “Midnight Rose” has taken me a few times to get into. Still trying to figure that one out.
  5. “Soul and Skin” is what old school Clarks fans will enjoy as it took me back to the Someday Maybe CD.
  6. “Sunshine” and “Come ‘Round Here” will be a hit for fans of Scott’s solo cd’s and also songs that I find myself singing quite a bit.
  7. “Restless Days” is going to be a great drinking song with friends. You’re ready to chill and sing together a song that doesn’t make you into a coke’d out monkey.
  8. “The Clowns” I’m not sure what to make of this one yet. I keep thinking of the Cleveland Browns 🙂
  9. “The Runaway” reminds me of an upbeat jam that I would have expected with Let It Go.
  10. “In Between” is one of the medium tempo songs that I’ve always been fond of from the band. I think Lushie calls it “cleaning music”. Its what you can listen on repeat and get lost so you don’t realize you’re doing work.
  11. The CD closes out with what has become a huge hit with Pens fans, “What A Wonderful World.” The full version of this song is even better than the commercial. Suck it Ramones!

Pre-sale CDs arrived yesterday to fans and today the general public can purchase it. To find out more and listen to tracks go to