SCF09 Game 4 – The Greatest Playoff Game I’ve Ever Seen

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Thursday night’s 4-2 Penguins win over the Red Wings was hands down the most fun I have ever had at a playoff game. My night started on pre-game drinks with Jim and Jim downtown. Many pints and cheers were had by all. It was the walk TO the game where things got exciting and a hobo wasn’t involved.

As you can see from the picture above the area outside the Mellon Arena was PACKED. The lawn was already 1/2 full at lunch time when the local news stations were broadcasting live from there. We make our way to Gate 9 and who do we see but Dave Hanson from the Hanson Brothers. My night was already made right there since he’s one badass guy. We walked the red carpet inside and not 1 minute later I bump into Mark Cuban. Yes, THAT Mark Cuban. He’s a native yinzer and probably came into town to see what a winning hockey team is like since he doesn’t get much of that in Dallas 🙂 Great guy.

The game was a non stop scream fest for myself and the regulars in F balcony. I’d go into details of the game but what haven’t you read or seen by now on the constant replays on NHL Network? Overall the energy was high and I was having an absolute blast. Pens rally from down 2-1 to win 4-2 (could have been 6-2). Once the game ended I took some time to absorb the night from my seat. I walked around the emptying arena a little bit and concluded with a trip to Pens Station to buy a program to add to my Ice Time, Whiteout Tshirt and Rally towel.

I started the walk back to my parking spot when who do I see next to me but Mike Emrick. What I love about Pittsburgh is that no matter what level of celeb you are, everyone treats you the same. Well unless you’re on NBC/VS and foam at the mouth to talk about Osgood’s 5-hole.

I wish I could better represent the excitement I felt that night but I can say that the only way to top this evening is to bring that cup back to Pittsburgh. I’m lookin at you Game 6.

Faceoff  for Game 5 is in 19 hours. I gotta put the foil on.