Live Blogging Teaspoon


We’re bringing Teaspoon home today and since I’ve been neglecting this blog that I should have some fun with it. Really, what could I have possibly been busy with these last 4 weeks right? Start watching below and hit refresh throughout the day. I’ll post at random times when I have a chance. Newest entry at the bottom. Feel free to comment away!

This is probably also the last of continuous Teaspoon updates. I said I would keep him away from the internet and here on out I plan to do so unless its something monumental. I’ll take the weekend to get situated and then it will be back to regularly scheduled blogging. I’ve been keeping a running list of subjects I want to address.

  • 11:30pm (3/25) – Checked into our nesting room. Better than any hotel room we’ve stayed but no room service. Vending machine may become my friend.
  • 1:05am (3/26) – Teaspoon is eating and quacking like a duck
  • 2:49am – Woke up and found teaspoon giving me the “pick me up NOW” look.  I gave in.
  • 4:15am – Benson is on Fresh Prince as Will’s boss at a dealership. Nick at Nite has become a staple in our house. Benson is still a pimp.
  • 4:30am – Plus side to having Teaspoon at the NICU for the last month, he’s on a schedule when he comes home. He also just baptized mommy. Running count, Mom – 3  Dad  – 0.  Daddy rules!
  • 5:07am – It’s 50F! That’s a heatwave!  Watching the KDKA Morning Show and reading Jim Lokay’s tweets while Teaspoon naps before his 7am feeding.
  • 5:38am – I just opened my Google Reader for the first time in less than 24 hours. 738 new entries. So far the highlight, Dogfish Head has a new IPA coming out. Awwwww yeah!
  • 8:00am – Fell asleep around 6am and a nurse came at 7am to get Teaspoon from Lushie for a final checkup and feeding with the doctor. Monitor didn’t go off all night! I’m going back to sleep for a few. Could be the last I get for a long time.
  • 9:26am – Just got an update. Teaspoon is going home at 5.6lbs and 19 inches long. Birth weight he was 4.1 (17 inches) and at his lowest was 3.2 pounds. Good thing Yinz Team gave me their leftover HGH.
  • 10:42am – Teaspoon is pitchin a fit. He’s getting his outfit on to leave and does not like it one bit. Daddy is shutting down and getting bags ready. Here we go!
  • 1:48pm – We’re home!  It was a rainy ride north but we’re all settled now. Teaspoon is sleepin, Lushie is pumpin and I’m ordering lunch. Life is good.
  • 3:05pm – Pizza Hut never tasted so good. Seriously though, 8 slices in a large? I think the pizza shrank.
  • 5:07pm – Got a feeding done and all 3 of us are going to try and nap at the same time.
  • 6:47pm – Nap was under and hour but that’s a start. Teaspoon is ready to watch some PITT basketball tonight with daddy.
  • 7:54pm – Pitt’s defense has more penetrable holes in the paint than Jenna Jameson.
  • 9:05pm – Teaspoon just gave mommy (holding a bottle) this look as if saying “Should I Drink That?“. I guess it could have been “bluuuuaaarrrgggh” too.  World may never know.
  • 10:37pm – Kid is fed, Pitt won and I have to record a video for a class final due tonight. This is going to be a long night.
  • 11:44pm – OK, we’ve gone a full 24 hours and it’s time to end this post. I just wrapped up my video for class, Lushie is catching a nap and I’m wide awake listening to Teaspoon make noises. Everyone, life is good. Oh yeah and GO NOVA! My brackets could use it 🙂

All times Eastern Standard Time

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