Breaking up is hard to do

I want to thank all of you for your support since last Thursday. It has truly made a difference in getting through these last few rough days.

For those who haven’t heard I’m one of the Ericsson 250 at the Warrendale office who found out last Thursday that our location is being shut down. I can’t go into details that haven’t already reported in the media but by the end of 2009 the business which started out as FORE Systems will be no more. Once my last day has passed (TBD) I’ll think about a recap of my last 10 years.

Articles about the closing
Ericsson to close Warrendale plant near Pittsburgh; 250 jobs affected
(Pgh Business Times)
Ericsson to close Marshall plant; 250 jobs affected
(Tribune Review)

Lushie and I have had many long conversations this weekend about what we’re going to do. I’ve been working on my resume and started searching job sites so please stop asking me. Most know that I refuse to sit on my couch like an unemployed slug so I will be keeping myself busy. Along with my schoolwork (this layoff will not stop me from getting my degree) I’m going to spend time finishing up Studio B, focusing on my writing, revamping a few sites I run and spend more time expanding my food appreciation.

Now for the question I’ve been asked most, “What about the podcast?”. Sickpuppy and I met shortly after the announcement and agreed that we’re going full steam ahead. Coming off another finalist honor at the Podcast Awards we owe it to our fans to keep on recording. In fact there may be more SIDT productions than we expected. We got together last night over many beers to discuss the direction of this show and lets just say it will be one fun ride.

So anyone out there looking for a new media/social networking/web producer/web manager/multimedia specialist guy shoot me a message 🙂  I’m also entertaining craft beer sales.

Short work week ahead which will be comforting even with all the drama that is a family holiday to close it out. There is a beacon of light through all of this which I’ll share shortly.


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