Brufest 2008 – The recap

That is hands down my favorite picture from the night.

Along with myself and sickpuppy, celebrity judges for the beer festival were Jim Lokay (KDKA), Demetrius Ivory (WTAE), Ron Man (B94) and Zeke (Y108). These guys could all be future professional beer judges! just sayin… Very cool to find out Zeke homebrews also. I’m sure sickpuppy will be after him about samples.

We had 20 beers total on each of our lists and we were split up over different brewers along with the people who attended had their chance to vote on favorite beer. Out of the beverages that SIDT judged, we had a tie for best beer. It was the Oskar Blues Old Chub and Ommegang Hennepin. Overall best beer of the night was hands down the Snow Melt Winter Ale from Scott at East End Brewing.

This was my first time visiting Saddle Ridge and Bar Room down in Station Square. I could see myself going to Saddle Ridge to enjoy a band but it’s a little too country for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place, just not me. Bar Room was more my speed these days. Granted that it was packed with people it seemed like someplace I could get a decent martini. Yes, I drink martinis. Hendricks Gin, not vodka. 2-3 olives.

The event was very well organized and I applaud Claire and her Angels for a job well done representing the Pittsburgh Rugby Football Club and helping out The PLEA Agency

Following the fest a group of us went to Ruggers Pub to hang out with the rest of the rugby folk. It’s 2 blocks off Carson so unless you know where it’s located you’d probably never go there unless you’re lost. Kinda like most great places on the South Side.

This was my first time in a rugby bar so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Instead of bar fights with drunken English and Irish thugs I found a haven filled with great people who are passionate for the sport. I shared a few pints with players and fans while being educated on the game and it’s history in the area. Would I ever play? I’d entertain the idea but I’m sure Lushie would take out extra insurance on me. I do have a new respect for these players and the sport. I may even have to go down and catch a few matches.

Next year I expect to see you at this event! no excuses!